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What's New in iOS 9.3?

--By On April 1, 2016


iOS 9.3 Beta was unveiled for developers only on January 2016, but now, it's available for all iPhone/iPad users a few days ago. Now, let's see what's new on iOS 9.3, the latest iOS update.

1. Night Shift
Since we usually use our iPhone or iPad in bed late at night, the light from the screen will do harm to our eyesight. Moreover, the blue lights on screen will affect our circadian rhythms and keep us from falling asleep easily. To make it more comfortable and less harm to your eyes, Apple brings us this new Night Shift function on iOS 9.3. On the Display & Brightness interface, you will get a "Blue Light Reduction" option. Turn on the toggle and you can adapt the tone of the screen by scrolling left or right. When scroll left, you will get a cooler tone and when scroll right, you will get a warmer one.


2. Notes Lock up
Some people keep a diary and some save their financial bank card password, login accounts and more on Notes app on iPhone. To keep their Notes from peeking by others, some privacy measures should be adopted. In iOS 9.3, you can lock up your Notes with password or Touch ID so that others can't check your notes illegally.


3. Quick Actions
In the previous iOS updates, the 3D Touch which allows us to do quick actions with most iPhone apps like Notes, Safari, Camera, SMS and more has been introduced. In the latest updates, Weather, Settings, Compass and Health apps are included:
Weather: By using 3D Touch on Weather app, you can not only check the weather in your local city, add cities that you want to check the weather but also check weather of the added cities.
Settings: Long press on Settings icon on home screen to skip to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Battery and Set Wallpaper options.


Apple Store: By using 3D touch on home screen, you can choose Purchased, Update All, Redeem and Search with ease.
Apple Music: Long press on the app logo and choose Search, Redeem, View Downloads and Purchased without opening the app.


4. Health App
More people use health tracking apps for their iOS devices or Apple's Health app. These data are scatters and hard for us to analyze systematically. To solve this, Apple Health app allows you to check weight, workouts and sleep on different health tracking apps for iOS so that you can sync them and check all the data on your iPhone. The app also allows you to display your moves, exercise, stand data and goals from Apple Watch to iPhone.


5. CarPlay
The New and For You category on iOS 9 CarPlay apps provides with us an easier access to discover the popular songs at once. Besides, by using the Nearby function on Maps, you can find the local stations, restaurants, supermarket, parking lot, coffee shops and more nearby. This will be very user-friendly because it's a headache when you go somewhere new and have no idea where you can park your car or where to fuel your car.


6. New News App
Apple's News app provides the latest news you are interested in at ease. Moreover, the For You category suggests trending topics and those you might interested in with simple steps.


7. iOS in Education
iOS in Education is the brand-new concept on iPhone/iPad. It is useful for both students and teachers. With the improved Apple ID management feature, iOS in Education is also a new Classroom app, an Apple School Manager that allows students to log into any classroom and pick up where they left off.


Of course, there are some minor changes on other features, like Wallet, App Switcher and more. If you have any problem using your iPhone/iPad, please feel free to let us know, we will try hard to find the answer and solve your problem.

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