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New Features Updated in Google Map for Android Users

--By On January 22, 2016


Google Maps Version 9.19 is about to bring a host of pretty awesome new features which will definitely enhance your Google Maps experience. Although the update is set to be released only for Android for the time being, it isn’t available for all Android devices out there because the update will be rolled out gradually. Just be patient if the update has not yet reached you.

What’s New?
- A brand new Driving Mode
- Audio toggle in Navigation mode
- Timeline settings
- Suggested subway exists in transit details
- Bug Fixes

How It Works?

A brand new Driving Mode
The new Driving Mode is able to guess where the user is going based on the location history and past web searches. If you haven’t entered an address, the Driving mode will show you the potential destinations with routes and all updates on traffic and travel times. For example, it will send out notifications about traffic conditions, road blockages and alternative routes to that destination. And it is integrated with the estimated time of arrival feature so you don’t have to check the time every two minutes.

Driving Mode


Audio toggle in Navigation mode
What about the audio toggle in the Navigation mode from the overflow menu? In Driving Mode, you can select between Muted and Unmuted only. But in navigation mode, you will have more options including Muted, Alerts Only and Unmuted.

Navigation Mode

Timeline settings
One more added feature of Google Maps V9.19 is Timeline settings. You could have a clean way to look back through the places you’ve visited in the past. And you will have the ability to ask Google Maps to use your search history and app activity to determine the actual location of a place whose address you incorrectly entered into the app. In addition, you can add Google Photos for the specific location if you wish.

Timeline Settings

That’s about the new features updated in Google Map for Android users. Now check out Google Play to see if the Google Maps V9.19 reached you. The new mode can be activated in the options menu.

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