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Will Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Be Popular in the Market?

--By On August 10, 2016

What is the hot topic these days? Maybe Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 to expand the smartphone market successfully. You may ask why it is Galaxy Note 7 but not Galaxy Note 6 for the name of the new product. It is related to GALAXY S7, Samsung wants to release "double 7" in the same years for marketing promotion. Whatever, people may want to know more about the Galaxy Note 7.


Samsung Note 7 was designed with a dual-glass screen like Samsung S6/S7. For the size and weight, it is almost the same as Samsung Note 5. But it is good to see that Samsung Note 7 pack in USB type-C port and also water and dust resistant. You know, for the USB type-C port, it is only for Samsung Note 7. I like this little change because I want my stuff look different! And I could run in the rain because of the water and dust resistant.


And it is the first Note that designed with the dual-cured screen. You can see its design is perfectly symmetrical that can provide people with better user experience.

Samsung Note 7 is available in four colors: Black Onyx, Blue Coral, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium. Yes, you are right! Samsung phone in blue has never come out before. But if you look carefully, you can find out that it doesn’t cover the whole device in blue and still can see the golden metal part in the middle.

S Pen
If you come out with Samsung Note 7, you can’t ignore S Pen, which is water and dust resistant. For this version, the company has paid more attention to this tiny pen. For example, it is 0.7 mm for pen tip and in 4096 level of pressure sensor, which can make your handwriting more naturally.

If you want to jot down a note, you don’t have to unlock your phone. Just take out the S Pen and start scribbling on the screen. It is just like a sticky note in a more convenient way.

All the information related to S Pen is saved into one place: the Samsung Notes app. It really fits me well because I am the person who always can’t find my information on the device.

S Pen

Iris Scanner
Iris Scanner is a new function added to Samsung Note 7. With Iris Scanner, you can unlock your phone with your iris. And it is very effective and safe. It sounds really cool. But I have to say that this kind of pattern has its limit. For instance, it can't work well when you wear a pair of eyeglasses or in the dark place. So it needs to be improved.

Iris Scanner

The Galaxy Note 7 camera can capture the details you want to remember. Its 12 MP Dual Pixel Sensor coordinates with a brighter F 1.7 lens and larger 1.4µm pixels allow you to take photos whenever you want. This kind of camera gives me a wholly different feeling compare to other devices. And this is one of the factors I bought this device.

Some accessories that fit with the Galaxy Note 7 were released as well. For example, S View Standing Cover, LED View Cover, Clear View Cover, Clear View Cover and so on. They look cool!

You may think about to buy the Note 7 now but you still need to know other factors:
1. When you hold the device with one hand, you may touch the wrong area easily because of the curved screen. You would be mad at this sometimes.
2. You can see the fingerprint obviously on the glass cover of you device. If you care this so much, Note 7 maybe not the good choice for you.
3. The price of Samsung Note 7 is about $849.99. Think about it when you make a decision!


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