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Get to Know OTA

--By On June 17, 2013


OTA (Over-The-Air) is commonly known when using smartphone. Actually, OTA is commonly used to receive Short Messaging Service (SMS) to update system. For example, Android system producers will send some updating information through OTA to Android phone users, helping them to make the update. The ways of OTA varies due to the different bands of smartphone. Here we are introducing some basic information of OTA as well as some common problems we may encounter.

What is OTA?

OTA is short for Over-the-Air Technology. It is a standard way for the transmission and reception of application-related information provided by Android. Moreover, it is easy to use and can download OTA update package automatically in a wireless communications system to update, such as GSM, 3G, Wi-Fi and even USB shared network. Some phones also support to upgrade through SD card after download. One attracting feature is that updating through OTA doesn't need to make a backup beforehand. All data will be saved without any loss after successfully upgrading. Usually, you can find OTA in the Settings on your Android phone as the following interface.

Connect your Android or iOS device to the network,  you will receive update information (if there is new version) asking you to upgrade the OS system to the latest version:

Android OTA

iOS OTA Notification

Note: The OTA update package is usually not big, from several MB to ten MB.

As mobile phones accumulate new applications and become more advanced, OTA configuration has become increasingly important as new updates and services come on stream. With OTA, you will be informed at the first time of the latest system upgrade and other updates.


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