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Blog Android App Updates with Server-side Search and More

--By On November 25, 2013


For all Android app users, you will be excited and happy to hear the news. Microsoft had made a great update to its Android app with a bunch of new features. It is available for all on Google Play now.

As Microsoft said, they aim at providing you customers with the best possible email experience. From all the feedbacks and requests, they made more than 150 improvements delivering as many as the features that you asked for since this April. Well, let's check out what we are actually going to experience with the new version.

Server-side Search: The updated Android app adds a new Server-side Search, which allows you to search all your emails, including those even not on your phone. If you can't find the wanted emails locally on your device, you can turn to for help.

Download all Email: You are able to download all the emails, no matter how old they are. That's to say, as long as you can search it out with server-side search, you can read it and get it downloaded on your phone.

Aliases Supported: This new version supports whatever aliases you like even on Now, you can enjoy sending emails in your aliases from Android app, just like that in Windows 8 mail app or on the Internet.

More Colors: As many users requested, more 8 color themes are added in the update. You can give your interface a change as you wish from the 11 colors in total.

Vacation Reply: Set the auto-vacation reply in the Android app, so you can reply to your friends even when you are away.

Absolutely, more new functions are included in the updated version, like supporting Android OS 2.2, smaller font size and various bug fixes. Besides, recipients can see the sender's name as well as email address now.

According to Microsoft, users have tripled since last year, which has reached over 400 million users. Among them, 68% users access on their mobile devices. Though the new Android app is greatly improved, it still has much more work to make it even better. Microsoft has to keep on promoting their products in the future.


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