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What Do You Do When Your Phone Won’t Charge

--By On February 15, 2015


If your phone stops taking a charge (which is, unsurprisingly the most common complaint among numbers of Android phone owners), it may be time for a new battery. Actually, there are a number of things that could be interfering with your phone's ability to charge its battery. Regardless, if your cell phone battery can not be charged, follow our guide here before rush out to buy a new charger.

Restart Phone

The quickest, easiest, and often most successful solution is simply to restart your phone. You’d be surprised at how many problems or strange behaviors can be solved by a simple restart.

Check USB Cable


Quite often the cable will fray inside because of being constantly curled up, so it is possible that there’s a problem with the USB cable you’re using to connect your phone. The only way to test this is to grab a spare USB cable and try using that one instead. If you can not see any sign of charging, you might have a faulty cable.

Check USB Port


Small particles of dirt and lint can get stuck in the ends of the charging cables. Have a look while the cord is unplugged and use something like a toothpick to ‘level up’ the little tab inside the USB port or blow into it to see if there’s something that may be blocking it.

Check Wall Plug Adapter


If the cable doesn’t seem to be the problem, it could be the adapter that's preventing your phone from charging. Try changing the wall socket and using the cable and charger on a different device to make sure there are no faults here. Also, ensure that you are using the charger and cable that came with your own device. Other chargers may have different voltage ratings and they won’t always work with your handset.

Replace the Battery

Remove the battery of your device and see if it is bulging, deformed or leaking. If it is, remove it immediately. A new battery should last around two years before it needs to be replaced, although this depends on the number of charge and discharge cycles. Contact your retailer, carrier if you’re sill in warranty. You may be eligible for a free replacement. If you’re out of warranty, try to purchase an official battery, even though you might be tempted by a cheaper price offered by third-party batteries.

Use Recovery Mode

Sometimes problems occurring with your phone require Recovery Mode. This is like a restart, but can help solve more complex problems. It's important to know that if your phone boot into recovery mode, all your phone data is deleted and your need to have your Android phone data restored from backup.

Have you suffered from a smartphone that won't charge? What was the culprit and how did you do to make your phone start accepting a charge again? Please do everyone a favor and leave a comment below.


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