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How to Play Real Money Games on Android for Free

--By On March 17, 2016


Social casino games have grown incredibly fast in the last few years. So fast, in fact, that they have become some of the most lucrative games to date - for their developers, that is. Because social casinos, although they advertise themselves as "free", constantly show ads and in-app purchase incentives to their users. OK, it's their right to wish to be rewarded for their work, but after a time it's simply annoying. But there is a way to play more and better games on the go without constantly being urged to buy. And this may come as a surprise: it's using a real money online casino.

Free Real Money Game for Android

Free play on the go

The Royal Vegas casino offers its players over 100 titles they can play on their Android smartphones. To do that, they need to head over to the Royal Vegas website and register an account. This doesn't involve any real money - the website doesn't even ask for any money-related information. When the registration is done, new Royal Vegas players can navigate to the website using the smartphone's or tablet's browser, log on with the credentials they just created, and choose "Practice Play". This way they will get to play all the Royal Vegas mobile games on the go, completely free. For more on Royal Vegas Android Games click here.

And it's not a mobile exclusive: players can do the same with the casino's downloadable and desktop browser suite as well.

How come it's free?

Online gaming operators understand that not all players who like to play their games are willing to do so for real money. Thus, to offer them a way to experience their games, they allow them to do so with "fun" or "demo" money instead of real one. Players can in this way access their games free of charge, play as much as they like, and have all the fun they need. And when they decide it's time to try real money gaming, all they need to do is switch to "Real Play" and give it a go.

Another reason why they offer this possibility is to allow new players to familiarize with their software. Even the most avid social casino players will find the interface and the whole software at a real money casino to be completely unknown. There are so many things they have to learn first: like how the cashier works, how to make deposits and request withdrawals, and how to contact support. While all these are described in detail on the casino websites, nothing can match a real, hands-on experience. Thus players can test drive the casino suite, learn its tricks, and proceed to playing for real money with a bit of hands-on experience behind them.


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