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What to Do Before Upgrading to iOS 10.3

--By On June 23, 2017


Most of the users would update their iPhone or iPad every time there is a new iOS version released. Now, this article would talk about what you should do or the preparation before upgrading to iOS 10.3. Let's check it out below.

iOS 10.3 Update

1. Check Whether Your Device Can Be supported by iOS 10.3
Firstly of all, you need to have a check on your smartphone or the tablet and see whether it can be supported by the new released version- iOS 10.3. Now, here is the complete list of the supported devices and please check it out below:

iPad 4th gen
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad Pro (12.9- and 9.7-inch)
iPad mini 2
iPad mini 3
iPad mini 4
iPod touch 6th
iPhone 5
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5s
iPhone SE
iPhone 6/6 Plus
iPhone 6s/6s Plus
iPhone 7/7 Plus

2. Get Enough Space
As the iOS 10.3 is more than 2GB, you need to get more than 2GB of free space for your iPad or iPhone. However, if you own an iOS device with 16 GB, for example, it may fail to successfully upgrade with the iOS storage issue. Though you are able to "remove" the pre-installed applications in iOS 10.3, it doesn't really erase them off your device (only remove the icons on the screen) and it still consume the storage space.

In this way, you can try to delete the useless or unwanted contents on your iPhone or iPad to release the space. And upload them to iCloud can be a good choice as well. Beside, you are recommended to transfer your files such as photos, videos, documents and so on to your computer with Phone Transfer tool.


3. Requires Full Charged, Wi-Fi Connected And No Jailbroken Device
Please make sure your device has enough battery left (charge your device to 100% can be good) to avoid the case that it would drains out during the upgrade process and you will have a dead device.

Downloading the iOS 10. 3 update requires a Wi-Fi connection and you may better be cautious to download it with cellular data as the iOS 10.3.1 has 1.5 GB, which is a large file and it would cost you pretty much for the data bill.

iOS 10.3.1 will break your jailbroken device. If your iPhone or iPad have been jailbroken, you would better to stay away with this update.

4. Backup Device Before Upgrading to iOS 10.3
Backing up your device before you upgrade it to iOS 10.3 is necessary as it may lead to data loss after upgrading to a new operating system. You can do the job with iTunes and iCloud. But now, you can also use the iPhone Transfer program, which helps to transfer files between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer/iTunes. If you feel it is not going well to back up with iTunes or iCloud, you can try the recommended program as it allow you back up files and manage data between devices and computer/iTunes with several simple clicks.

iPhone Transfer

After you go through the above points, you can now start to upgrade your device to iOS 10.3. Please go to "Settings > General > Software Update". If you have any question about this article, just drop us a comment.

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