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Steps To Prevent Against Spear Phishing Attacks - What You Should Do

--By On April 23, 2019

You don’t want a cybercriminal to get hold of your information. But to do so, you need to take several measures. Spear Phishing attacks are one of the most popular and effective attacks to get information from anyone. So, you have to prevent spear phishing attacks from grabbing your personal information. If you don’t know anything about these attacks, we are going to describe them and help you fend them off.

What Is Phishing?

This is a fraudulent attempt made by someone who wants to obtain your confidential information. They achieve this notion by pretending to be a reliable online source

Phishing attacks happen via emails which looks legit and asks you to click on a URL that leads you to a well designed but malicious website. These websites ask you to fill in your personal information including bank account, credit card number, password, username, and other information. These sites can compromise your privacy and may lead to identity theft.

How to Keep Safe from Phishing Attacks?

These attacks have become a norm, government and agencies are not safe from these attacks, consider the Spear Phishing Whitehouse Attack. Following we are giving a few tips that will help you in preventing spear phishing attacks in the future.

Check Spellings and Grammar

Spelling and grammar errors are the biggest giveaways of phishing attacks. So, you need to keep a close eye on grammar and spelling. Sometimes, it's hard to pinpoint issues in their grammar and context. So take a closer look at their content to prevent spear phishing. The subject line and email would have several mistakes if it didn’t come from a legit source.

Hyperlink URL

The hypertext link in these emails can include the name of any respectable institute. You can stop spear phishing if you just however your mouse over the link without clicking it and see a small pop up window which is different than the one in URL.

Likewise, you can hover over the address to see if the website domain matches the organization you received the email from or not. Be careful because these attackers even target established companies Channels and authorities, for instance, Spear Phishing on American Politicians by Russian Hackers.

Asks You for Immediate Action

Such emails often trick you into clicking a link. They want you to take immediate action. A CTA is a proven and effective way to get your attention quick. You might get a legit email that needs you to take action, but it's your duty to differential the reliable and unreliable source. If it doesn’t work for you, then you can beef up your security with DuoCircle.

So, avoid clicking the link in email despite how authentic it seems. Only log into your account directly be visiting the official website and check the status of your account.

Winning a Competition, you never Participated In

In most cases, spear attacks take the form of an email which says you won a context an ask you to claim the prize. There are high chances you never participated in the contest. They ask you to enter the link and put in your personal information. Avoid doing this, its only a honey trap.

Phishing attacks are very sophisticated every second. Finesses is the key to success for them. So, you have to be sharp and careful if you want to be safe. If you fell for them, it will incur high costs. These emails target everyone. The attackers want to establish control by getting personal information, consider the CNN Blogs Hacked.

Asking for a Donation

This is one of the best ways to disarm you. Usually, you are careful about the emails in your inbox Bu if you have a message asking for a donation, you will probably think it's from a legit source, someone who needs help. Regardless of the message’ nature, you should never let go of your security practices. Attention to detail is the key to spear phishing attack prevention.

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