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Productive Things to Do with Your Smartphone and An Internet Connection

--By Takeshi Hoshino On December 17, 2018


Staying productive while distractions surround you can get difficult at times. At the end of the day, you will get no satisfaction from scrolling hours and hours on your social media platforms and listening to music. Of course, there are parts of your routine, but engage into these activities excessively and you are going to start feeling like nothing productive happens in your life. You can use your smartphone and an Internet connection in very productive ways, as long as you find the apps and activities that keep you engaged, something other than randomly liking and sharing people’s posts.


This article will present a few apps and services that you can use in order to increase your productivity or to transform your daily tasks into automated ones that are easier to tackle. From syncing information on multiple devices to managing whatever happens in your life, these apps can do it. You just have to read more about this topic and give each app a try. Include them in your hectic life and it might just transform in a peaceful, more relaxing one. Here are the activities you should try:


Mind mapping with Mindly or Ink Flow

Mind mapping is very simple, yet extremely effective for people who have many thoughts and ideas at once and they would like to organize everything in their heads. Mindly and Ink Flow are apps that act as visual tools to put your thoughts in order. Mindly is based on diagrams that you can fill in using your smartphone’s keyboard, while Ink Flow gives you full freedom to draw on the canvas as you prefer. Mindly is an app that is more suitable for people who prefer computer-based mind maps, while Ink Flow is appropriate for people who like paper-based mind maps, but the portability of a smartphone. Both apps are great in terms of mind mapping and they offer the possibility to store the saved mind maps into the cloud so that they can be accessed easier on other devices as well. These apps will definitely keep you productive and focused on your goals, and they are great for entrepreneurs, writers, event planners, and students.



Managing your time and setting alarms with RescueTime

Procrastination is your best friend? Then you definitely need an app that can help you organize your time. RescueTime is the answer to that. It is an app that has the exact features you need in order to visually organize your time for a period of your choice. This app encourages people to stay productive each day and meet their goals. The app is able to generate detailed reports on how you spend your time on your mobile phone in comparison with how much time you spend being productive. You can set goals using the app and track every little progress you make. The app will then generate a productivity score. In case you have trouble staying away from social media or other distracting sites, RescueTime can block these for a given period of time to help you stay focused on your current goal. Moreover, you will receive daily highlights to put context around how you spend your time.



Create beautiful checklists and take your notes with Evernote

Every person takes notes and makes lists in order to remember what they need to get done before a deadline. Even a shopping list counts in this situation. Paper-based lists are not that effective because you can easily lose them. Sometimes, noting down a great idea can turn into a nightmare if you lose the paper and you don’t remember what the idea was. This is where smartphones intervene. Most smartphones have a dedicated app for taking notes, but Evernote takes this to another level. Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps out there and it can store information in the cloud. You can create, review and edit great notes with this app, as well as attach photos, voice memos or even whole documents to a note. It is versatile and comfortable to use, so give it a shot.



Improve your attention with Focus Booster

In case you have a difficult time focusing on your tasks and goals, Focus Booster should do the job for you. This app uses the Pomodoro technique, which is great for people who get distracted very easy. Focus Booster is a great way to monitor your time. When you have a task that you want to complete in a given timeframe, Focus Booster is the app you definitely want to use. Whenever you get distracted, it will take you around 30 minutes to get back to what you were doing or what you needed to do. Breaking the cycle can only be done if you direct your attention to something else. If urgent interruptions occur, you can pause the session and go back to it when you want. Focus Booster also generates timesheets that you can follow to see how much time you spent on a specific task.



Keep your business contacts organized with Cloze

If you are constantly bothered by unknown numbers that call you or send you messages, you should first opt for a reverse phone lookup. Is the easiest and most efficient method to find out who called you. If you just have trouble with managing and syncing all your business contacts, Cloze might help you out. It is an app that can analyze your call history, can help you keep in touch with contacts by reminding you who you need to call or message (you can plan the reminders yourself or you can set the reminders to be automatic), gives you the chance to schedule emails and so on. Also, it integrates with Evernote – any note that contains your contacts or that has to do with emails will be detected by Cloze. You can create a note within Cloze and it will be synced to Evernote. Say goodbye to all the trouble caused by hundreds of unorganized contacts.



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