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8 Reasons to Upgrade Windows 10

--By On August 7, 2015


I am sure that most of you have heard about that Microsoft has released Windows 10, the latest operating system, on July 29th. Dozens of powerful new features come along with this amazing OS for Windows phone, tablet and computer. According to some survey, a majority of computer users claims that they will upgrade to Win 10 at once because it's multi-functional. Below I will show you several reasons why you should upgrade Windows 10.

1. Microsoft Cortana

In the latest Windows 10, Microsoft has brought Microsoft Cortana to computer users' life, which was only available on windows phone. It's an awesome thing to talk with your computer. Just say "Hey Cortana, remind me to buy bread when I'm near supermarket." and it will remind you with this when you happens to have access to the supermarket. Your vocal length will be recognized after you repeat the phrases Cortana asked you to read when setting up. It's the core feature in Win 10 and be associated with other functions like edge browser, Xbox console, and more.


2. Edge Browser

Edge Browser, the build-in browser in Windows 10, is awesome with a lot of competent new functions such as Cortana integrated in browser, reading view, web pages sharing, annotation, last but not least, you can also pin web page into start menu, and more. These will all bring you lots of conveniences while you are browsing web with Edge Browser.

3. Xbox Streaming

As Windows 10 has built in GamerDVR, Xbox users are allowed to play Xbox one games on their Win 10 now. You can also stream the game over TC without difficulty. Besides, the games are also allowed to streamed to other platforms that are supported by Xbox app.


4. New Task Manager Properties

The powerful task manager properties allow you to manage the taskbar, navigation, jump lists and toolbars with ease.

5. Powerful Apps Store

The powerful app store also helps you manage your app to keep them in order. You can sort your apps by date installed, by most used or category.


6. Multiple Desktop

Multiple Desktop provides you with more than one window, so you are enabled to shift the window swiftly and handily. You just need to click to shift the window. It's very convenient.

7. Tablet Mode

Windows 10 is not only available on computer. You can install it on your tablet as well. You just need to download the installation package and then enable tablet mode on your tablet. After that, you can experience the awesome Windows 10 OS on your tablet.


8. Free Upgrade

You can freely upgrade your computer OS to the latest Windows 10 and experience all the extraordinary functions on your PC, including Cortana, Smart Start-up Menu, Edge Browser, and more.


That's it. The new awesome features are persuasive reasons for computer users to upgrade the latest Windows 10 for their computer. But also some of the computer users have listed reasons not to upgrade Windows 10. If you are interest in it, please keep an eye on our update, we will post some other articles related to Win 10. Please feel free to follow us on our Facebook, Google+ or subscribe to us.


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