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Top Six Reasons to Use Ottomatik Backups

--By Takeshi Hoshino On September 10, 2018


Loss of data can be devastating. Whether you are professional working on a computer regularly, or a business person storing files on the device, there is a chance that you will have to take a few steps backwards after losing critical data. Accordingly, you must devise a way of backing up your information. Ottomatik is one of the best options for someone seeking to backup MySQL databases and files. Read this article for comprehensive details.


Even before getting into details about the Ottomatik backups, you may want to appreciate the fact that you can easily lose your data. Here are some of the instances:

✓ Accidentally deleting files while working at a high speed on a project.
✓ Emptying recycle bin without thoroughly checking whether you need some of the data.
✓ Virus attack.
✓ Power fluctuations in your residential or commercial settings.
✓ Corrupted hard drive and software malfunction.
✓ Unplanned formatting of hard disk.
✓ Water damage.


From the reasons stated above, it is certain that you may not have control over data loss. However, you will be at peace if you find software that offers perfect backups. Ottomatik comes in handy in this case. It is better than other products in the market because:


1. It allows you to automatically back up files
You will be thrilled by Ottomatik software because it saves you the time and resources spent in copying files and transferring them to a flash drive. The back ups are automatically done as soon as you sign up for the service. The experts employ a built-in compression strategy, where databases of different sizes are handled efficiently. While this is being done automatically, you have the confidence and a chance to focus on other important tasks. More so, you have the liberty to determine the files that you wish to back up and those you wish to exclude. This is achieved without a hassle.



2. You are offered sufficient storage space
It is not uncommon to find backup web service that limits the amount of information that you can store. You are forced to go through the stored files and delete some of them after a while. With Ottomatik, you are assured of scalable storage. It means that when your business grows or school work increases, your needs to store data safely will still be met.


3. You will get assistance at any time of day or night
The recovery process for your data can be confusing. Many times, it is needful to have an expert on board to help you though. The backup service provider must hence be available at any time of day or night. Ottomatik has achieved this, thanks to its full-proof methods where users can configure schedules. The service provider will hence do the backups efficiently and effectively. The files are uploaded to your cloud service provider in real-time.


4. You are assured of the security of your data
An illegitimate access to stored data may be one of the main reasons why many people are tempted to rely on the traditional methods of backing up information. However, this fear is dispelled after using Ottomatik. Various measures have been taken to ensure that your data is secure. This is inclusive of data encryption and public key authentication.



5. You have different plans and prices to choose from
Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose from four different plans offered namely Lite, Advanced, Business, and Standard. They are distinguished based on the type of backup task that they perform. A person who is working on a limited budget and does not required a sophisticated plan will benefit from a package offered at 10 dollars per month.


6. Innovative features
Ottomatik is ideal for anyone seeking for innovative solutions. It is inclusive of team management, searchable history, limitless servers, file rotation, notifications, and cloud storage. The users can select the features that suit their unique needs.
Remarkably, whereas Ottomatik has all the features and solutions that you need to backup your data, you have a role to play to ensure that the process is flawless. Some of your responsibilities include:

✓ Proper monitoring of the service. Do not make an assumption that all the data is safe and secure but instead, monitor and notify the service providers in good time.
✓ Taking actions immediately after getting an alert. Do not ignore signals such as attempts to illegitimately access your data by third parties sent to your emails.
✓ Ensuring that backup is configured properly. As you store more data, errors in configuration are bound to occur and as such, you must be willing to solve them in real time.


All in all, you can never go wrong by embracing Ottomatik to backup your data. Paying due diligence to ensure that the software is functional is also vital. For more information, go to

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