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How to Re-download Purchased Items from iTunes

--By On September 8, 2015


Thing like this may happen to you: you accidentally deleted a favorite music album that purchased from iTunes, and wonder whether you can re-download it without paying for it the second time. With the iTunes in the Cloud service, you can easily re-download apps, music, TV show, movie or book that you previously purchased or downloaded on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac that have authorized on your account.

1. Sign in with the Apple ID that you used for the original purchase.
2. Previously purchased items might not be available if they're no longer on iTunes Store.

Part 1 Re-download Items from iTunes on Computer

Run iTunes on your PC or Mac. Select iTunes Store and click the name of Apple account and select "Purchased" option. All the purchased music will be shown on the interface. Click "Not in My Library" button, you can check those albums or songs being not on your computer. Find the album or song that you want to re-download and hit the "Cloud" icon to re-download it on your computer.

Redownload Music from iTunes on Computer

To re-download some videos, hit the three dots button and select movies or TV shows from the pop-up menu. Then, choose iTunes Store in the top-middle of the interface and click "Purchased" under the "Quick Links" at the right column. Select "Not in My Library" and click the cloud arrow icon to re-download the movies or TV shows.

Redownload Videos from iTunes on Computer

Part 2 Download Previous Purchases from iPhone

Launch iTunes app on your iPhone. Tap the three dots option and select "Purchased" option to open the list of music, movies and TV shows that you previously bought from iTunes Store. Tap "Not on This iPhone" option to view the videos that removed from your iPhone. Select the one you want to re-download and hit the "cloud arrow" next to the visual file.

iTunes Store on iPhone Purchased Items on iPhone

That's all there to it. The next time if you delete the purchase from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or even Apple TV, iTunes in the Cloud will make it easy to re-download the purchased movie, music, TV show, app, game, books on your devices.

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