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Dos and Nots to Rescue a Wet iPhone

--By On September 15, 2015


We often receive emails from users telling us that his/her iPhone dropped in the toilet, the phone gets wet even it's put into a waterproof case, forget to pick it out from the trousers-pockets before putting the trousers in the washing machine, etc. No matter in what situation your iPhone 6s/6s Plus got drown or wet, follow the tips below to rescue your device.

Rescue iPhone 6 from Water Damage

Deal with wet iPhone in the following steps:

1. Pick out iPhone from the water and power it off instantly. Press the "Power" button and hold it until the screen shut down. If it doesn't work, press and hold both "Power" and "Home" buttons at the same time to turn iPhone off. This measure can prevent the iPhone mainboard from short circuit and burning out.
2. Remove the phone case and take out the SIM card. Then, dry your iPhone with issue and cloth, and put it in a place where is ventilated.
3. Put your iPhone into a bag which is full of desiccant or rice. Squeeze out the air and seal it.

Note: If you've tried to dry your iPhone follow the steps mentioned above, it still can't power on. You should go to Apple Service Centre and get it fixed.

NEVER do these to wet iPhone:

1. If your iPhone has shut down after being picked out from the water, do NOT power it on or the mainboard may burn out.
2. Do NOT blow it with hairdryer in hot draught or expose it under scorching Sun, or the circuit board will be out of shape.
3. Do Not switch on your iPhone and test it frequently, or it may lead to short circuit.

If you unfortunately drop your iPhone into water next time, don't be panic and follow the Dos and Nots introduced above to rescue your iPhone. For the sake of data security, we suggest you to back up your iPhone regularly.


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