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How to Reset Apple ID Password

--By On September 3, 2015


For Apple users, Apple ID is the most important thing no matter you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac. With the Apple ID, you can download apps from Apps Store, purchase videos and music from iTunes Store, backed up and restore data with iCloud, etc. However, some users forget the password of their Apple account and can't log in it. If you are encountering the same trouble, go on reading and learn how to get back or reset your Apple ID password.

Step 1 Open My Apple ID page in the official website of Apple Inc with the browser. Click "Reset your password" in the "Manage your Apple ID" panel.

Reset Your Apple ID Password

Step 2 Enter your Apple ID and Click the "Next" button. Apple ID is always an email address.
Note: If can't remember your Apple ID, just hit the "Forgot your Apple ID" button. And finish the table with some information, Apple will help you find your Apple ID.

Enter Apple ID

Step 3 Select an authentication method: Email authentication or Answer security questions.
Tips: Email authentication is the first choice we recommend. If you can't remember the Apple ID password, let alone the answers to three or more security questions. But if you can't access to your mailbox, just try the second one.

Select Authentication Method

Step 4 Check your mailbox the same as your Apple ID and open the password reset email sent by Apple Inc. Click the "Reset now" link open and you will be linked back to

Reset Password Email Sent by Apple Inc.

Type in your new password and confirm it. Finally, hit the "Reset Password" button.
Note: The new Apple ID password should contain lower and capital letter, number, with the maximum of 8 characters as well as differ from the old one.

Type in Apple ID New Password

When the password reset is done, you will receive an email from Apple telling you the Apple ID password has been successfully reset. And when you use your iPhone, iPad or Mac, a notice will pop up asking you to enter the new password to sign in Apple account.

Enter New Password to Login Apple Account on iPhone

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Erik tyler
Erik tyler
6 years ago

Want to reset iCloud password?
Apple gives you the ability to reset iCloud password by answering a security question which you have configured while creating your account or also with your secondary email address.
Many novice people don't know how to reset iCloud password. so, don't need to worry about it, I'm going to share with you some tips with these tips you can reset your iCloud password easily.

Just follow the simple steps to recover iCloud Password:

Reference link:

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