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Before Rooting Your Android Phone, Here’s a Little Heads up

--By On October 30, 2014


Let’s see why Android users decide to root their phones.

▪ Extended battery life and added performance

▪ Updates to the latest version of Android if your device is outdated and no longer updated by the manufacturer

▪ Full customization for just about every theme/graphic (checking up for more advantage in flashing your phone)

As tempting as owning an unlocked phone is, we can not afford to overlook the risk of rooting. It only does you good when done properly. You can turn your phone into a brick (not literally though) if you goof up the rooting process. No phone is growing on the tree. Take a step back and think twice before you rush into it.

Here’s a little heads up in rooting your device.

1 Rooting your phone on your own under the condition that there’s a reaction in the phone screen when connecting with PC. But with a blank screen, you better ask for expert help.

2 A common charging cable is no used in phone rooting.

3 More than 50% power is needed in the process of rooting.

4 As it differs depending on the smart phone type and brand, make sure you research the process very well.

5 Don’t change IMEI number of your android mobile. It takes a real expert to know how to solve problems cause by a different IMEI number.

6 Is not for everyone to root their phone. Brands like NOKIA require a specialized tool to root. If you still want to root your device, ask an expert to do it for you.

7 Rooting aren’t the solutions to all the problems your phone has. Some phone malfunctions are hardware related. Don’t put too much hope to it.

8 Here’s some good news: If for some reasons you change your mind after rooting your phone, you can always unroot it. Only have to remember to backup your phone data before anything.

Finally, it is important to know that your device gets straight out of warranty once you root it. Many people prefer rooting their handsets after the warranty period is completed. But we have a better suggestion: only does it when it is absolutely necessary.


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