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How to Root Android Phone with Framaroot

--By Admin On October 15, 2015


To root or not to root? That is a question that many Android users ask when they are hesitating whether or not to root their phone. They want to completely back up their phone, customize everything, automate everything, install incompatible apps they like, and so on. Meanwhile, they are worried about risks caused by rooting. That's why we choose Framaroot – a safe and fast root program to root.

Framaroot is a free app including several exploits, including Boromir, Faramir, Barahir, and more. Now you can root your Android phone without a PC. Just use Framaroot. Besides, you can enable your device back to unrooted status with this application.

Note: Back up your Android phone before you root it in case of any data loss.

Step 1. Download and Install Framaroot
Download Framaroot on your Android phone. When this is finished, Android will automatically enter the installment page. Click the button "Install”.

Install Framaroot

Step 2. Run Framaroot and Root
Tap the icon of Framaroot. Then you will have the interface as below. You will be required to select an action to execute after root. Select "Install SuperSU”. Then choose an exploit in list above to potentially root your device. "Boromir” is recommended as it works for most Android phones. If it fails to root, try "Faramir” and "Barahir” successively.

Root Android with Framaroot

Step 3. Root Succeeds
When exploit succeeds, a note will pops-up. Click "OK”. Then you will be required to reboot your phone.

Root Succeeded

Additional Note of Unrooting Android:
Launch Framaroot > Select "Unroot” to execute after root > Tap "OK” on the Exploit result note.

Unroot Android with Framaroot

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