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Samsung S8 and S8 Plus: Everything You Should Know

--By 维琪 On March 7, 2017


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Smartphone industry's annual opening drama MWC is about to kick off at the end of this month. We RecoveryAndrod blog have discussed a lot of flagship brands released at MWC. And we have mentioned that, due to the impact of Note7 explosion scandal, Samsung delayed the release of S8. Of course, as the one of the hottest topic, most of the information about Samsung S8 has been leaked out.

In terms of configuration, Samsung's annual flagship has never lagged behind. So does Galaxy S8. Forbes reveals that the first batch of Snapdragon 835 is provided to Samsung. Thus, if other brands need to use Snapdragon 835, they have no other choice but to wait until April. Snapdragon 835 now is revamped, leading to 40% decrease of power consumption and 27% increase of performance.

You may remember that, it was said that there would be a 6GB RAM "China special edition" Note7 when Samsung Note 7 was released. But it was pity that this edition did not come out because of the explosion issue of Note 7. Allegedly, Samsung S8 also has 6GB RAM "China special version".

S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung S7 dual camera stunned the entire 2016 smartphone industry. Samsung S8 camera configuration will naturally not be disappointing. S8 will continue to use 12 million pixel camera supported by Dual Pixel technology. And its front camera will reach 8 million pixels. The aperture will reach f / 1.7.

Reuters reports that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will use the artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant services. Samsung will use the assistant called Viv, which is developed by the US artificial intelligence platform developer - Viv Labs. It is also reported that Viv is more powerful than Siri in dealing with complex tasks. And it has stronger learning ability than Siri. Consumers can ask Viv to order, book tickets, and so on. Viv is completely open. Thus, services, product and info can be integrated into Viv. Thanks to its powerful function, Viv is known as the "Global Brain".

When it comes to the software, Galaxy S8 system will be based on Android Nougat. Besides, Galaxy S8 will support DeX desktop mode. This model is similar to Lumia's Continuum function, that is, "connect the S8 and TV through the DeX adapter, making S8 a personal computer."

In addition to fingerprint recognition, S8 will use the iris recognition.

In fact, for a mobile phone, especially the flagship smart phone, configurations are similar. Most consumers are also concerned about the appearance.

Galaxy S8 Back

According to the previous news, Galaxy S8 will have two editions, respectively named "Dream" and "Dream2". The former will be measured 5.8 inches while the latter which may be named S8 Plus will be measured 6.2 inches. Both will come with curved screen. The screen ratio will be rating 18.5:9. And the resolution will be set at 2K level (2960 × 1440). This screen also supports pressure touch, which is similar to the iPhone's 3D Touch. But the feature is only available on the bottom half of the screen.

However, some rumors that the "SAMSUNG" logo may displayed on the top of the Samsung S8's screen. When talking about this rumor, Forbes hopes it is just a joke because Samsung has no reason to spare efforts to improve the screen usage rate and then waste it.

It is also rumored that S8 looks slender. The front did not have Samsung logo or any button. The fingerprint recognition module is moved next to the camera.

It is reported that the body of Galaxy S8 measures 148.90 × 68 × 8 mm, while the Galaxy S8 Plus measures 159 × 74 × 8 mm. Power button and volume keys will be placed on the left side of the body while the right side will be equipped with a physical key dedicated to waking up the Samsung voice assistant.


S8 camera bump will only be 0.2mm thick, which is respectively 0.8mm less than Note7 and 1mm less than S7.

S8 is only thicker than Note 7 and S7 by 0.1mm. In actual use, this is negligible.

From the illustration, we can find that S8 has a 3.5mm headphone jack and USB Type-C interface.

According to Evan Blass, Samsung will hold a conference in New York on March 29. At the conference, it will officially release Galaxy S8, which will be available on April 21. But the price may not be very reasonable. It is said that the 64GB version of S8 in Asia will be priced at $885 while the price of the 128GB version may reach $943.

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will come with 3250mAh and 3750mAh battery respectively. As the saying goes, "A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit." It is rumored that Amperex Technology, the previous battery supplier of Samsung, will be replaced by a Japan supplier - Murata Manufacturing, the previous second largest battery supplier for Galaxy Note 7.

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