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How to Send Apps to Friends as Gifts

--By On September 21, 2015


Most of us may ever be distressing about what presents should be sent to friends, families or beloved ones on their birthdays, Christmas or some anniversaries. For me, I browse the App Store almost every day and keep an eye on the latest and useful app. I guess App can be a practical gift that we can send to others no matter on what feasts. If you have the same feeling, go on reading and see how to send Apps as presents.

Send Apps to Friends via iTunes

Run iTunes on your PC or Mac. Search an app that you want to send in App Store. Then, visit the page for the app and click the arrow next to the "Buy" button. There, you'll get a pop-up menu with a "Gift This App" option.

Send Apps as Gifts with iTunes

Select it and you're taken to the "Give A Gift" page. Type in the Apple ID emails of the person that you want to send this app to, and you can select a specific data to send out the present. Also, you can send songs, movies, TV shows, etc. as gifts to others.
Note: If you want to send the app to several receivers, you need to pay for each one.

Enter Receiver Apple ID Email

Select the theme that matches to feast or holiday when you send the app. Then, confirm your order and hit the "Buy" button and then the "Buy Now". Enter your Apple ID and password to finish purchase.

Send Apps on iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus

Open App Store program on your iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPad Pro, etc. Search for the application tap it open when found. On the app page, hit the "Share" button at the top-right corner, a pop up window will show on the bottom, tap the "Gift" icon. Then, enter the email of the Apple ID that you want to send apps to, after that, hit the "Next" button.

Send Apps as Gifts on iPhone Send Apps Gifts on iPhone 6s Enter Receiver Apple ID Email

Choose a theme that corresponds to the Christmas, Halloween, Easter or other holidays or feast. Then, hit the "Next" button to move to the "Preview" page. Check the info of the receiver, messages, time etc. Finally, tap "Buy" button and sign in Apple account to complete the process.

Select Themes Confirm to Send Apps as Gifts on iPhone 6s

App is a quite special, innovative as well as practical gift no matter who you are about to send to. With iTunes and App Store, you can also send albums, books, movies, TV shows, etc. to other as presents.


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