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How to Shoot Lossless Raw file photos in DNG format on Android L

--By On November 19, 2014


Google unveiled the world's most popular phone operating system—Android 5.0 Lollipop. It certainly brings a big visual overhaul on the outside, but under the hood, there is one noticeable change in its camera, which upgraded to a more versatile Camera v2 API from a fairly limited version 1.0.

In brief, with the new API, developers have the full power to make camera apps that give the users access to things like shutter speed and the option to save a lossless raw file in DNG format. Although raw files are much larger than JPEG files, the opportunity of post-processing is still a worthwhile trade-off for most professional photographers.

After the long wait, Nexus 6 is finally on our doorstep. If you have a Nexus 6 or any device that carries Lollipop, you are allowed to take photographs with those new features by the help of a third-party app called L Camera. Take a look at the comparison of JPEG that out of the camera with DNGs and its reformatted version right below.



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