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The Software Engineering Wizards Behind Your Favourite Mobile Casino Apps

--By On December 13, 2016


Like any flawlessly functional piece of software, it's easy to overlook the work done by the software developers and programmers of the best mobile casino games out there. It's really only when the programs go seriously wrong that the poor programmers are noticed for their role in bringing the software to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Such is the curse of the increasing ubiquity of computer software, I suppose, but it's hardly fair.

Mobile Casino Apps

With that in mind, here are some of the biggest and best online casino software development companies. Remember to take into account the fact that all these softwares offer a variety of features and options, some have been around longer than others while some are more niche focused on creating specific games with special effects. Here they are:


The oldest, most influential and still biggest developers of the software that forms your favorite backbone. Microgaming has developed hundreds of games over the years, all of which are known as being some of the fairest on the market. They're especially appreciated for their whoppingly huge progressive jackpot payouts. They're not always as flashy as some of their competitors but they've built a reputation out of A-grade quality products and major payouts.


Coming just behind Microgaming, Playtech is the second largest online casino software provider with more than 400 games to their name. They may not have the numbers or high payouts of their nearest competitor, but they have their own strengths that put them virtually on the same level. Known for ultra-fluid table games, an incredibly user-friendly design and holding the license to casino games based on the ever increasing stable of Marvel Studios, Playtech have easily earned their place as one of the true greats of online casino software development.


These guys are slightly less known than the Big 2 in the online casino software development game but what they lack in recognizability and size is more than made up by the thing they truly excel at: unmatched 3D graphics. While there's little to complain about as far as the gameplay on their virtual machines go, their focus on creating the best looking games on the market with vivid, lifelike 3D graphics creates a whole different gaming experience that is as much about soaking in the worlds they create as it is about hitting the jackpot.

888 Software

Another very well known brand, 888 Software specifically specialize in creating vivid casino experiences that truly bring the feel of a real world casino to your computer or handheld device with their “live dealer” games. This makes them the perfect choice for a game of online poker on your mobile device like, for example, where you want a realistic casino experience presumably far more than you would for a video slot game where variety and colourful themes are the name of the game.

888 Software

These are just four of the very best and most notable online casino software developers out there. They're certainly not alone, though, with each software development company make their own singular contributions to the field and all should be appreciated as such.


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