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Tips for Taking Fabulous Photos with iPhone

--By On August 31, 2015


With the high resolution camera lens and high definition photo products, using iPhone to take photos on the go becomes more and more common and popular. iPhone can make a very nice looking picture if you know to use it right. Below are some tips for you to capture amazing photos with your iPhone 6.

Tip 1 Compose a Simple Photograph

Compose a picture as the pros do. Be sure what subject you want to take and highlight, and make it harmonious with the objects surrounding it. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Don't capture too much in one shot. On the contrary, focus on one or two items and keep them in proper framing. You audience will enjoy it.

Compose a Simple Photograph

Tip 2 Keep iPhone Stable & Steady

People complained that they easily get blurry photos with iPhone. For most people, after they have composed the photo, they will tap the digital shutter button to take the picture, which can cause iPhone shake and photo blur. So you should hold the phone tight and still with both hands, and use Volume Up button on your phone or the earphone core to trigger shutter. You can also use tripod to align and steady iPhone.

Keep iPhone Stable and Steady

Tip 3 Zoom with Your Hands & Feet

If you want to magnify and highlight a subject, never ever use the digital zoom in iPhone camera, owing to which can merely makes the pixels big and blocky, obliterating exquisite and delicate details. Just keep your hands and feet close to the subject to make it larger in the shot.

Zoom with Hands and Feet

Tip 4 Shoot from a Low Angle

No matter you are shooting a person or scenery, you can easily improve your pictures by finding a more interesting angle. The most common-used angle is to shoot from a lower perspective. In this way, you can make the person in the picture taller, in the meantime, get panorama of the architectures like the Eiffel be in the photograph.

Shoot in Low Angle

Tip 5 Work with Natural Light

Light is a pretty important element to a memorable picture. If you put the subject on the contrary side of iPhone and sun, you will make the portrait in the strong sunlight. If you place the character in between iPhone and the sun, you can get a perfect silhouette shot. Taking portraits with the warm and soft light can make the picture shown in a gentle and harmonious way.

Work with Natural Light

There are much more useful tips on how to take fabulous photos with iPhone out there in the websites, like using 3rd-party photography apps. Hope this post is helpful to you. If you like it, please share with your friends. Or if you have other photo-taking tips for iPhone, share with us!


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