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The Cause and Solution of Overheated Battery on your Phone

--By On January 28, 2014


When you play games, watch the movie or play the music on your phone, you will find that the battery of your phone is overheated. Overheated battery may damage the battery and even the phone. Moreover, the phone users who use these overheated phones are suffering a potential threat. According to some news reported, some phone users get hurt because their phones exploded and even some dead finally because of the explosion of the battery. Some explodes happen because these phone users have used their phones for couples of year; some because being exposed under the sun for a long time. But most of these explosions are caused because their phone batteries often get overheated. Why it often happens while we are using our phone for a long time?

Now, I will show you why your phone battery gets overheated, the threat that overheated battery may cause and the solution to solve it.

The power dissipation of the phone is small when standby, and the discharging current quantity is few so the battery won't be too hot. The power dissipation of the phone is quite large when playing games. When you've use the phone for couples of years, the internal resistance will grow so most energy will be consume because of internal resistance. The battery will thus become heating and it will speed up the discharge of the battery which will shorten the using time of the battery.

Threat because of overheated battery

1. If the phone battery gets heated for a long time, the internal mechanic of the phone will also be hot. And this may cause the phone to get restarted and the phones be hung up while calling.
2. When use your battery for a long time, the quantity of heat of your battery will increase. If it is sealed, the air inside will inflate rapidly and so the battery will be lift up and this may cause explosion.
3. If used for a long time, it will accelerate the aging progress and narrow down the longevity of the battery.

Conditions when using your phone battery

1. In the condition of normal room temperature, it is normal that the battery if the battery is under 60℃, and this won't damage the battery.
2. If your charger carries a huge electric current, the charging process is better not to be too long, otherwise it will hurt the battery and it will also generate quantity of heat.
3. It would be better if you use the original one or the one which get a high reputation among users.
4. To charge your battery by a tabletop charge will be better because by this way, your battery won't be heating.
5. If you feel that the temperature of your battery is growing and has exceed the temperature of 60℃, you'd better change into using another battery.


If the battery of your phone has already inflate, you can find the interval by your finger where is on the back side of the battery near the electrode. When you press it, it will be a little soft. Thrust it with a needle and let the air inside out.


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Janet Crossan
Janet Crossan
8 years ago

My Samsung kept overheating and now the phone still chargers but it only displays the logo and I can't use it. Any ideas? Or have I cooked the actual phone? Any chance I can get it to work again?

8 years ago

Great post. also see friends - How to fix your phone getting overheat -14
Reasons and answers -

Georgina Clarke
Georgina Clarke
6 years ago

My blu grand xl is les than a month in use, it overheard although i have a cooler installed

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