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The Top 10 Free Paragraph Generators of This Year

--By Momokasaya On September 19, 2023

When you think about using AI writers, you often immediately think about writing 1500-word articles and lengthy blog posts. Of course, AI writing assistants can help with these.

However, more commonly used is the short-form text generator that can take minimal text input and create an entire paragraph. This enables you to create informative and engaging content one paragraph at a time.

A paragraph generator is an AI writing assistant that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to write paragraphs in a way that is indistinguishable from humans.

When you are first starting out with AI writers, it can be very confusing. There are rewriters, rephrasers, sentence generators, and more. This article will explain a little about the background of paragraph generators and provide a list of the top 10 free paragraph generators of this year. This will bring some clarity to the subject and enable you to choose the one that best meets your needs.

What Elements Should Be Considered When Selecting a Paragraph Creator?

AI paragraph creators use AI writing to generate small blocks of text based on your input prompt or brief bullet points. They are ideal for brainstorming, ad copy, emails, social media posts, and more.

With so many options available on the market, it is important to ensure that the AI paragraph writer you choose will produce high-quality content. Here are three key points to consider when selecting a paragraph creator:


Check if the content generated by the paragraph writer is easy to read and engaging. Consider whether the text matches your own writing style, especially for blogs and social media posts.


Evaluate whether the content produced by the paragraph writer is accurate and original. Some AI writers may alter facts or closely paraphrase existing text, which can lead to potential issues of plagiarism. Look for a paragraph writer that generates original and factual content.


Many paragraph generators offer free options, although certain features may only be available with paid versions. Some of the best AI writers require a paid subscription. It is worth considering a paid subscription if you are looking for the highest quality options.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the AI paragraph writer that best suits your needs.

The 10 Best Paragraph Generators We Picked


HIX.AI paragraph generator enables you to create high-quality content within seconds, and this complimentary paragraph writer can deliver 100% plagiarism-free, grammatically correct, and original content. Additionally, the HIX.AI paragraph generator can be entirely customized to align with your brand. To use it, you input a title, bullet points, and then select a tone, target audience, and language. The AI paragraph generator will subsequently produce an engaging paragraph that communicates effectively with your potential audience.

The HIX.AI paragraph generator can produce various types of paragraphs, including introduction, descriptive, explanatory, argumentative, reflective, expert quote/interview, narrative, comparison/contrast, conclusion paragraphs, and more. Significantly, the paragraphs created by HIX.AI are always up-to-date and factually accurate, as the tool accesses the latest information available on the internet.

Moreover, this paragraph writer is free to use for up to 3,000 words without a subscription. You can readily upgrade to an affordable paid package if you require more words or decide to use it long term.


Accurate and reliable, offering the latest online information
A free version is available for up to 3,000 words
The content is grammatically correct and free of plagiarism
It is fully customizable
This is a fast and efficient AI writing tool


It can depend on human input for accuracy 

2. Jasper

The Jasper Paragraph Generator is designed to help you create high-quality professional-grade content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

Whether you're writing blog posts, articles, or social media updates, you need content that is engaging, informative, and well-written. This is where the paragraph generator by Jasper comes in, 

A key feature of Jasper’s paragraph creator is its versatility, and it can help you to write compelling content about technology, finance, healthcare, or any other topic. Another advantage of this tool is speed. so give it a try and see how it can help you streamline your content creation process.

Jasper AI offers a 7-day free trial period which allows new users to experience the capabilities of the AI writing tool without any initial commitment. After the trial period, users can choose a paid plan that best suits their needs.


Fast content creation
Versatile with multiple uses
In-built plagiarism checker


No free version, paid versions have word limits
Content needs fact checking. 

3. CopyAI

The free paragraph generator from Copy AI can generate complete paragraphs based on a few instructions. This functionality enables you to quickly craft unique content and overcome writer's block.

Copy AI supports over 25 different languages and is ideal for short-form content, such as ad copy, brief social media posts, or paragraphs in articles when you're stuck for ideas. This paragraph writer is customizable with nine distinct tones of voice. These range from friendly and relaxed to professional, persuasive, and empathetic, providing a tone suitable for every use case, especially in ad copy. After generating the first draft, it can be manually edited or revised by simply adding a few more bullet points.

The Copy AI paragraph writer offers a free version that is limited to 2,000 words a month. However, it also includes a 7-day free trial of the Pro plan, which allows for unlimited words.


Multi-lingual support
Customizable with nine tones of voice
7-day free trial of the Pro plan


Drafts require manual checking before editing
- Free version is limited to 2,000 words per month

4. Writesonic

The Writesonic paragraph writing tool is a rapid sentence expander that allows you to transform a single sentence into a whole paragraph in mere seconds. This tool can save a lot of time by converting sentences into paragraphs; in addition to time-saving, the Writesonic sentence expander can make your writing sound more professional and refined. This AI tool can immediately stretch a sentence into a paragraph, suitable for a blog, essay, or social media post, offering unique content with a human-like writing style.

Writesonic is an exceptional resource for digital marketers who require high-quality content to bolster their online presence. It can construct paragraphs from sentences and create content rich in details and keywords, producing material that is both SEO-friendly and easy to read.

Writesonic provides a free trial of 2,500 words from their premium plan. If you wish to use it on a long-term basis, the premium plan is attractively priced at just $10 per month.


Free trial of the Premium Plan
Creating paragraphs from a single sentence
Ability to generate SEO-friendly content


Limited customization options
Copy not always 100% accurate

5. Rytr

Rytr is best known as a short-form content creator, excelling at generating paragraphs from a few simple words. Based on the inputs provided, Rytr can quickly generate up to three versions of a paragraph, all unique and original thanks to its inbuilt plagiarism checker.

Rytr offers extensive customization with more than 20 tones of voice to choose from, including Appreciative, Assertive, Informative, and Urgent. It also provides six levels of creativity, ranging from None (Factual) to Max (Less Factual), and over 30 custom use cases.

Rytr's versatility allows it to support more types of content than other similar tools and enables it to produce content in over 30 languages. This flexibility makes Rytr ideal for business pitch ideas, brand names, calls to action, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads, product descriptions, meta descriptions, and more.

Rytr offers a free plan with a word limit of around 1000 (based on characters) and an unlimited plan for $29 a month.


Very customizable content
Creative writing ability
Flexible uses


The user interface is not very intuitive; it takes time to learn
The free version is limited

6. Simplified

Simplified is an AI content generator tool functioning as an all-in-one writing assistant. It offers AI writing, image generation, video editing, and social media publishing. This tool can conveniently create short form content and long paragraphs using more than 50 templates for a broad range of use cases, including business bios, Facebook ads, product descriptions, and landing pages. It can craft text in more than 10 tones and supports up to 30 languages.

To utilize this AI Writer, you simply need to input some prompts using a few keywords, select a tone, and choose an output language. Then, it will generate your needed text within seconds.

Simplified also boasts advanced text editing to refine your content and a rewriter tool that produces unique, plagiarism-free versions of the same piece.

Simplified offers a free plan limited to 2000 words per month, and a Pro plan that allows for up to 35,000 words a month priced at $12.


User friendly and intuitive for beginners
Extensive template library
Advanced editing and rewriting tools


Limited free version
Text can be repetitive in long form

7. Anyword

Anyword empowers users to generate creative and highly-effective content for various uses, ranging from social media ads to blog posts. Anyword's paragraph generator employs a language model that is trained on a vast amount of text. It can predict the next word or sentence based on the preceding ones.

To utilize the paragraph generator, simply input a prompt, which can be a single word, a phrase, or a list of bullet points. The paragraph generator writes a text paragraph corresponding to your prompt by using the most relevant terms.

You have the freedom to craft complete paragraphs from the beginning to the end, or just rephrase or adjust certain sections. This functionality allows you to customize your copy until it aligns perfectly with your needs.

Moreover, the Anyword paragraph generator can produce concise, yet impactful, product descriptions in paragraph form with just a few clicks.

While Anyword does not offer a completely free version, it provides a 7-day free trial with unlimited words. However, to enjoy this trial, you're required to sign up for at least the Starter plan at $39 a month.


Can generate SEO friendly content
Regenerate content until completely satisfied
Can write short or long form paragraphs


No built-in plagiarism checker, needs manual checking
No free plan

8. Hypotenuse

When you require content promptly, Hypotenuse can generate paragraphs instantly with just a few simple instructions. Simply describe your topic in the input box, incorporate any SEO keywords, and the paragraph writer will produce multiple versions of your desired content for your review.

After the text has been generated, the Hypotenuse tool will create unique variations for you to select, which you can subsequently edit and utilize, or regenerate. It can produce paragraphs for any context, whether you're drafting an article, a blog post, developing a presentation, or in need of a couple of extra paragraphs for an essay.

Hypotenuse uses machine learning and possesses awareness of previous versions and contexts, thus each paragraph it generates is both accurate and unique.

Hypotenuse does not offer a free version but when you subscribe to a monthly paid plan, you'll receive a 7-day free trial.


Multiple versions of original content
Generates content for every context
Built-in SEO optimization feature


No free plan, a 7-day free trial after signing up
No Chrome extension

9. NeuralText

With the NeuralText paragraph generator, you can craft long or short paragraphs using a list of keywords, bullet points, or a single sentence. The tool employs AI to generate a paragraph of text that is shaped by your input and includes the specific keywords, which enhances SEO.

Professionals can utilize the NeuralText paragraph creator to generate ideas for technology, healthcare, and transportation. Likewise, individuals can incorporate it into their blogs, social media posts, and essays.

NeuralText can also enhance writing quality. For instance, given a long, originally written paragraph, it can divide the text into smaller, easier-to-read sections, making the content appear more engaging and professional.

NeuralText is not the most affordable AI writer, and its basic plan starts at $49 a month, although it offers a 5 day trial period for $1, which can be canceled any time.


Can break long paragraphs into more accessible text
Optimizes SEO with keywords
Useful for professionals and individuals


No free plan, basic plans are limited to 20,000 words
Other tools are more affordable

10. Frase

Frase is a complimentary AI paragraph generator, specialized in researching topics, creating content, and optimizing it for SEO using keyword research, content optimization, and keyword tools.

Along with crafting original paragraphs, Frase is capable of inserting transitions between them and can rewrite content for diverse applications. It also features built-in grammar and plagiarism checkers for enhanced quality control.

By integrating facts gleaned from search results, Frase optimizes content. It can analyze competitors to produce superior outlines and compelling content.

Beyond simply incorporating keywords in the generated content, Frase employs vital SERP metrics such as word count and domain rating to elevate search engine rankings. Moreover, it produces optimized content within seconds.

Frase does not offer a free version, but you can get a 5-day trial for $1, and the paid plans start at $14.99 with a limit of 4 articles per month.


Focuses on SEO and search engine rankings
Can rewrite and restructure paragraphs as required
Analyzes competitors content to find key metrics


No free version, 5 day trial for $1
Previous users comment UI not very user friendly


AI paragraph generators have many uses, benefiting both professional marketers and individuals such as students and blog writers. These tools have the ability to create entire paragraphs from a few words of text or even from bullet points, making them invaluable for content creators in need of fresh ideas for product descriptions, social media posts, and articles. 

Ideal for facilitating teamwork, these paragraph generators can save tremendous time and resources, streamlining the content creation process. The main challenge is choosing from the multitude of products available on the market today, but with luck, this article will make the selection process a touch easier.

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