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Practical Tips for the Use of Email on iPhone

--By On August 28, 2015


Syncing iPhone or iPad with emails from Google, Outlook, Yahoo or other servers becomes very common and brings convenient for Apple users. However, if you're constantly sending and receiving emails with your iPhone, it's time for you to manage the emails on your device. Quite a lot users complain that managing emails on iPhone is a daunting task and have no idea where to start. Luckily, the new released iOS 8 makes it easy to use and manage emails on iPhone. Here are some roundup of tips and tricks for the use of email on iPhone.

1. Mark Email as Unread or Read

iOS Mail allows you to organize your mailbox with just a quick flick of your finger. You can mark emails as unread to remind you come back to it later. To do so, you just need to swipe the email from left to right and tap the "Mark as Unread" option. Instead, you can also easily mark several emails as read. Tap the "Edit" option and select all the emails you want. Then, press one email and slide from right to left, tap "More" and choose "Mark as Read" option.

Mark Email as Unread   Mark Email as Read

2. Notify Me of Important Emails

For businessman, in particular, when you are busy working at a huge program and have no time to check your mailbox now and then, however, you don't want to miss the email from an important partner and need to send back a reply as soon as you received the email. In this case, you can swipe the email thread from right to left and select "More". Then, tap on "Notify Me" option. You will automatically receive a notification on your lock screen whenever you receive a reply to that specific email thread.

Notify Me iPhone Email   Notify Me

3. Add Events from Mail to Calendar

In iOS 8, there is a tighter integration between mail and calendars. If you receive a email having specific time or date on it, the mail will automatically detect time or data information and underline them for you. You can tap on it to create an event or show in Calendar. Then enter the title and location to the event, as well as sent alarm to it. When finish modification, tap "Add" button.

Integrate Mail with Calendars on iPhone   Create Events from Email

4. Enable Handoff Function

If you write a new email on Mac at the very beginning, but you have to leave the Mac and want to continue editing the email at the same time, Handoff function meets your need. As your iOS devices running iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, you can start an email on Mac and then switch to iPhone or iPad and carry on writing the content from where you left off.

Handoff Function on iPhone

In the coming iOS 9, there are more improvements on the features of iOS Mail. One of those new features is smarter reminder. Apple says Siri will be able to remind you to finish an email that you haven't done earlier. Let's wait and see.


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