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Top 7 Mobile App Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

--By Takeshi Hoshino On December 3, 2018


Smartphones and tablets become an essential part of our lives, business, everyday routine, etc. It’s obvious that the popularity of mobile applications rises steadily because it’s they to make everything easier and faster.


The market changes due to the preferences of the users. What apps will be must-have in the upcoming year? Let’s figures speak themselves. Thus, the spendings at the mobile app stores in 2018 are higher about 28% than in the previous 2017. The growing interest in the new applications promises even bigger results in the future.


It was a hard task to choose only 7 mobile trends of 2019 with the greatest prospects, but we’ve managed to do that. Thus, we present you the overlook of the seven directions in mobile development to be in the top.




1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence or AI is a technology that makes our gadgets be more smarter and make them think like a human. Due to its algorithms, the devices can understand your habits, preferences, wishes and guide you to find needed places, answers, etc.


You definitely hear about Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. These digital assistants are bound to ease our lives. You can’t deny the impact of ‘robots’ in your day-to-day activities. The more is yet to come.


2. M-commerce Applications


The mobile payments are revving up over the globe. Just let’s check the several figures out of the recent survey in North America to make sure with it:


*  2 out of 3 sellers/advertisers generate 60%+ of their business leads over mobile via the dedicated shopping apps


* 23% of all sales are made via mobile web and 44% through mobile applications


Apple Pay and Google Pay are on everyone's lips. More and more buyers complete the purchases via mobile devices. That all gives a thought of the launching more m-commerce/shopping and new mobile wallet applications in the next year.


3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


Being just a user, you hate lazy loading of the websites and leave it waiting too long. That provokes the high average bounce rates and that’s the very reason of the appearing of accelerated mobile pages (AMP).


Comparing AMP pages with regular ones, it was found that the first ones are 84% faster. This fact along with improved UX, enhanced clickability, strong reliability and availability assurances of AMPs increases the overall traffic. Another strong feature of AMPs to mention is that they’re customized for different browsers. That’s why we expect that the development of AMPs will continue to soar within the next years.


4. Instant Apps


The lack of free space is eternal. That’s why the capability to use wanted apps without a need to download and install them on the gadget and occupy such a limited storage space is a trend. That makes cloud and instant apps be in the top of the most expected apps in the upcoming year.


Such cloud-based applications provide strong authentication, security level, and easy accessibility options. Due to the expectations of CAGR, instant apps will contribute more than 90% of the total volume of mobile traffic in the globe within the next years and 10% are expected in 2019.




5. Internet of Things (IoT)


People used to fantasize about future technologies. But lots of that stuff is possible thanks to Internet of Things (IoT). Today you can control lots of your appliance in the house via your smartphone on Android or iOS. Thus, due to IoT,  you can buy products making a few taps. Yeah, it’s the future that is here already. So that, new IoT apps are to be launched in the coming year.


Uber, Lyft and other apps of the sort made the revolution in the ordering of the taxi. But it’s not where the story ends. The idea of getting/ordering goods and services via mobile applications is very popular nowadays. This niche of the on-demand mobile apps expands making our lives easier and easier. Thus, we wait for appearing much more new apps of a kind in the mobile stores in 2019.


6. Wearables Applications


You can’t but notice the growing popularity of wearable devices. Various on-body sensors, smartwatches, smart jewelry, free and multi-featured fitness/sports bands, mobile communication tools, etc. are widely used over the world.


The market has grown exponentially since 2015 and it’s to rise by 64% till the beginning of 2019. Such an interest to the health and fitness industry and, in its turn, to the applied gadgets is picking up stream of the demand for wearable apps.


7. Blockchain


Cryptocurrencies took roots in the various areas from business to simple shopping. That’s the very reason the blockchain was a breakthrough and high interest not only businessmen but federal governments, it will continue to develop in 2019. With high security provided during the transactions, the technology has a much potential over the mobile market as well. Let’s see.


Top Mobile Apps 2019: Bottom Line


Each direction of the mobile development mentioned in our list plays the important role in marketing and reflects the interest and demands of users over the globe. Anyway, Artificial Intelligence is the first in our top not by accident. Developers use AI in other technologies to personify mobile solutions today and deliver authentic experiences.


Though we haven’t described such hot topics as Location-Based Services, Augmented Reality (AR) development, security programs, beacon technology as well as Low-Code App Development Platforms (LCDPs), these technologies and apps are anticipated in 2019. Let’s wait for 2019 and see what predicts are true.

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