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The Top 8 Super Hero Games of 2016

--By On February 16, 2016


2016 is geared to be an exciting year for superhero game lovers. Read below for some of the best treats just waiting to be played.

Batman: Arkham Knight sees the Dark Knight face his and the city's ultimate threat, a city he has sworn to protect. The scarecrow makes a comeback and unites with an imposing league of super villains, including Two-Face, Penguin, and Harlequin to destroy the Caped Crusader. This latest chapter is proof that a massively overpriced PC rig will not necessarily outperform consoles such as Xbox and PS4 on which this version of the game actually looks better.


The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction remains one of the most played and popular superheroes in the gaming world and can be played on a multitude of platforms from PCs to Xbox. It even forms part of the Marvel series of online slot games available at Mansion as well as both of which remain favorites amongst players from online casino Canada. This is one release that is has transferred brilliantly to all types of hardware and plays equally well on any gaming platform.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is the result of a battle between the most powerful villains and heroes from the DC Universal thrown in an inter-dimensional battle arena that players can enjoy on any of the three main platforms including Xbox, PS4, and PC. Game play and controls seem smoother with greater vibrancy on PC than the other two platforms.

inFamous Second Son is a true modern-day hero that became famous without having his roots somewhere in 1940s Americana, offering players a delinquent charmer that discovers he has the ability to absorb superpowers from other superheroes just like Rogue in X-Men. This game is a match for any of the Marvel series that translated so beautifully into the successful series of online Marvel slots games. This game definitely gives its best imagery on a high-end PC rig, with PS4 a short step behind.

inFamous Second Son

Saints Row 4 features humans with supernatural powers that include energy projection and super speed intent on saving the earth from a world jumping evil. All decked out in their matching outfits takes on a life of their own on both the consoles, but lack conviction and depth on PC. Time will tell if this game will become as popular as the Marvel series so brilliantly redone into the Marvel series online slot games.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes have proven that just about anything becomes better in Lego brick form. This trend certainly continues in Lego's series of Marvel Super Heroes that is sure to provide a multitude of hours of fun across all platforms from Xbox to PC.

Lego Marvel Super Hero

Deadpool, both as a character, movie and as a game sets out to be funny and you do great scripting and action lines. This game somehow manages to pull it off making it a treasure amongst on-line gaming. The third person hack and slasher allow players to fill the boots of a Merc with a Mouth. The game poses interesting elements of play on both Xbox and PS4, with PC once again coming out top honors in the graphics department.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 offers console players as well as PC gamers a brilliant alternative Dungeon Crawler that works excellently on both PC and consoles with neither coming out on top as the best gaming platform.

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