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Twitter Releases Vine for Android Users

--By On June 26, 2013


Big news! Android uses can enjoy Vine, a wonderful app sharing your life in motion. Vine is a newly released application by Twitter and works only on iOS devices before. Now, it is available on Google Play for the enjoyment of all Android users. If you are the one using Android and desiring to join the Vine users family, yes, here it dose come to you.

Vine is one of the best social networking dynamic platforms for you to see and share whatever you want in your life. Creating short (6 seconds), beautiful, looping videos in a simple and funny way for your friends and family, sharing them on Vine, Twitter and Facebook, you can easily access to Vine using your Twitter account or signing up a new one and enjoy others' interesting videos vividly, not only words.


HOW Vine Video Works?

As 140 words tweets opens the micro-blog era for people, the new video-tweeting app Vine allows you to record videos with the limit of six seconds. So here we can see how vine works in making videos.

Vine Supports Android 4.0 and higher. Download and install Vine on your Android.

1. Record and Share Videos

You are allowed to record a six-second video by Vine on your device. Point your phone at what you want to record and press the screen as long as you want to shoot the scene.

You can see the remaining time left to capture and how long you have recorded from the blue progress bar at the top of the screen. The blue progress bar at the top of the screen shows you how much you have recorded and how much time you have left to shoot. Release you finger when you want to stop shooting.

When finishing recording, choose where you want to share it. Whether on Vine, Twitter or Facebook? Surely you can select them all. Press "Done"

Also, you can edit your videos in Vine. Choose the function according to your own tastes.

2. Make Vine Videos by Stop Motion

Here you are provided another way to make videos. Take some pictures in 6 seconds and connect them by Stop Motion, thus making a funnier and more interesting video. Try Stop Motion in Vine, you will enjoy the magic and amazing experience.

More functions are going to be on Vine, keep a close eye on our website. We will offer some more details later. Please leave what you want to know in comments.


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