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Cons & Pros of Using Flashcards as A Tool for Effective Study

--By Takeshi Hoshino On August 29, 2018

A set of cards containing words or numbers on one or both sides used in rooms or in a private office is a flash card. To describe what flash cards are, you write a question about the card and answer on the back. Flashcards, which can be studied using a question and answer format, can contain words, historical dates, formulas, or any subject matter. Flash cards are designed to help in remembering the instance, improving the possibility of retransmission of information.



The advantages of flash cards seem obvious, as they are an excellent tool for working with vocables, especially at the initial stage of training, when children are just starting to replenish their vocabulary. Studying a foreign language, learning new words constantly happens. Simple handling of them on the list is boring, especially for children, which means that it is inefficient. Children remember the new words much better if tea drinking uses card cards and simple games with them. At lessons in elementary school, the kettle cannot do without visual materials, and the brighter and more attractive, the higher will be the interest of students and, accordingly, their motivation to acquire new knowledge. Interesting, visually attractive, and sometimes funny maps cause an emotional response in children. Card games reinforce the interest in a foreign language lesson, the participation of children in what happens during the lesson. Children at the same time are not passive listeners, but active participants in the learning process. For children with different predominant types of perception (visual, sound, kinesthetic), the kettle can choose the most suitable games for them.


Flash cards can be used at different stages of the lesson to achieve different goals. First of all, the cards help teach the proclamation and quietly memorize new words. In addition, with the help of these words one can make simple messengers, using them as visual support in the studied grammatical constructions. Cards are very useful when playing short scenes in the classroom. Maps are good for repeating words that were taught before, so that children do not forget them. Some children, especially those who draw well, make homes and bring their lessons to the lesson to play with them, making the lesson more interesting, funny and more effective.


Another advantage of including flash cards is the ability to use them for a short time only to repeat the previously learned material. With the help of Flash cards it is possible to train not only knowledge of the vocabulary, but also the level of grammar and phonetics. Moreover, one of them can use them as the main learning tool for a deeper dive.


Outbreaks for college students are very useful in improving vocabulary, which is difficult when writing scientific papers or performing work.


Flash cards work for various reasons. Constant repetition of the word, accompanied by visual support, allows students to memorize new words imperceptibly. Using flash cards is a smart way to maximize time. This is a wonderful and easy way to learn. One of them can easily add different fonts or write in non-English fonts, such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.


The cards help collect and collect all the materials from books and notes on one board and receive important material for study. Although the collection is mainly based on the development of students' analytical skills, there are many data that need to be remembered.


To assimilate the congress and focus efforts in a partial area, the student can work out a topic and create flash cards around him in order to have a central theme for the leadership.


Another recommended way to use flash cards is self-evaluation. Examining flash cards on the one hand to find out if someone knows what's on the other is one of the best ways to make sure that we remember the subject and measure our progress.


Self-assessment and testing are critical to successful work and thus help to measure how much the learner should fulfill his goals.


Flash cards also help students to repair their exams by creating flash cards at least a week ahead of the test date and beginners to learn them all. According to the survey, students who use flash cards on all exams have significantly higher rates than those who do not use them.



Flash cards are useful in conducting research for academic work. Students write information and music on a flash card, and they arrange them into paper, type them, add a mailing list when they are done with the researcher. Also, many students use custom writing services, such as


The method of studying flash cards is widely used as a training exercise for memorization because of the theory of rescuing. It is the preservation of the memory in memory, the repetition of the memorized teaching material for indefinitely constant intervals that measure progress in the learning process. Although this principle can be used to memorize any information, it is widely used in the study of foreign languages. In accordance with this method, so-called flash cards are sorted into groups, depending on how well the student has learned the information about them. For example, when learning a foreign language, a student tries to memorize a word written on a flash card. If he judges and overestimates the meaning of this word, then the map is transferred to the next group. If not, the card returns to the first group. The next group repeats itself after a while. This method can be used both for learning the words of a foreign language, and for memorizing other information.

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