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Using Proxy Servers on Android Phones

--By Admin On April 22, 2022


Proxy servers are simple but versatile tools that help us preserve privacy and anonymity on the internet. While tech companies kept making leaps in progress and innovation, somewhere along the way, the price for efficiency and convenience came in the form of private user data. As privacy on the internet came to its inevitable demise, the demand for privacy tools started growing. Today proxy servers assist businesses and private users in a multitude of ways that benefit from IP address changes.



Tech-savvy Internet users tend to dabble in proxy servers and their use, but rarely does anyone utilize intermediary servers while accessing the web through a mobile phone. With just as many if not more risks to online privacy, internet browsing on these digital devices deserves protection. Proxy servers attract attention to anonymity problems on the web, but also offer other benefits that come with the ability to change IP addresses.


In this article, our goal is to discuss the usage of proxy servers on Android phones. We will discuss the process of setting up your device to access the web through an intermediary server, as well as the most beneficial use cases that make IP changing a very convenient part of your browsing experience. Since there are different types of proxies, we seek to educate readers on the two main choices: residential IPs and datacenter proxies. Once we go over their applicability, you should be able to decide when to choose a residential proxy and when to go for datacenter IPs instead. Datacenter proxies are faster, but residential proxies are safer, and we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both types


Set up your proxy server

Before going over the benefits of proxy servers for Android phones, first, we have to learn to set one up. Go to your Android System Settings and select "Network & Internet". Just below the Wi-Fi settings, click on "Mobile Network". There you can go right down and select "Advanced''. Then, tap "Access Point Names". Click on the access point you are using right now to change it to your proxy server IP and port. Take care of the authentication to use your server, and you should be good to go! To test if it works, check out websites such as and similar alternatives to see if your address has changed. Now let's proceed to discuss the benefits of proxies on Android phones.


Conceal your location

Every decision we make on the internet is monitored and tracked by tech companies. A big portion of the tracking involves keeping an eye on your IP address and the decisions behind it. Using a proxy server will not break these associations, your further actions on the internet will not be linked to your network identity.


Hackers and cybercriminals also have many ways to abuse your IP address to sabotage your internet connection, infiltrate your network to leak private data, and in the worst case: uncover your real-life location. Once you have a pool of proxy IPs from a legitimate proxy server provider, you can choose an address from any location in the world and choose it as your access point to the internet. This way, the data packets traveling through the web will contain information about the proxy IP and not your original network identity. You can use it on an Android phone to change your location, either to avoid tracking or to access geo-blocked websites on the web. Even if you visit the same web pages, the presented content might be changed to adapt to the visitors connecting in that region. Datacenter proxies are the best choice because they are cheaper and do not compromise your internet speed.


Discover bargains

Online shopping creates a sensitive environment where price changes can occur due to many circumstances, and not every visitor will see identical deals. Retailers, airlines, and booking companies can manipulate their prices on factors such as the wealth of a region from which the visitor connects to the website. With proxy servers, we can keep choosing different IPs from any location in the world until we discover the most suitable price for the purchase. You can use data center proxies to discover bargains or go for residential proxy IPs supplied by real internet service providers.


Automate online purchases

Proxy servers are often used by business-minded individuals that seek out purchases of limited-edition goods to buy products in bulk and resell them for a bigger price. With residential proxies, you can operate multiple bots and automate numerous checkouts at the same time - all while using your Android phone.


Mostly known as tools for privacy and anonymity online, proxy servers have unique applications that enhance the browsing experience and create business opportunities. Even if we cannot utilize all the advantages of proxies on an Android phone, the versatility brought by IP address masking can and should be utilized on mobile devices. Find a reliable proxy provider to supply you with IPs, and you can test the discussed benefits by yourself, so go ahead and protect your online identity while enhancing the browsing experience at the same time!

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