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What’s the best way to sell Apple devices?

--By On December 26, 2021

Multifunctional, stylish Apple devices are in great demand worldwide. The start of sales of new models, for example, selling ipod nanos or iPhone, is always a sensation and excitement. In this case, owners of Apple devices dream of buying another technological masterpiece on the first day of its appearance in stores.



Wishing to become the owner of a new model is often only stopped by the high price. But this obstacle is easy to overcome – you need to sell your old, used gadget. This algorithm is used by most Apple fans who regularly update their gadgets.


How to speed up the process of selling your Apple device and what does a seller need to know and do?


Take care of security
1. Reset data
To avoid leaving the client someone's private pictures, messages, and accounts, you need to clean up your files: click on "Settings" → "General" → "Reset" and click on "Erase content and settings". Now it's good as new!


2. Turn off "Find my iPhone"
Before giving your smartphone to another owner, make sure that this function is turned off, otherwise, it will not be able to activate without a previous Apple ID password. To do this, follow the chain of actions: "Settings" → iCloud → "Find iPhone", turn off the toggle switch, enter the code.


Estimate the value of your device
Many websites have a procedure for estimating the value of your device beforehand. This service is called Trade-In.


Intuitively and simply, you can select your model, its condition, and see how much you can get for your old iPhone. Please note, very often this is not the final price and it can both increase and decrease after the diagnostics.


If you are satisfied with the pre-appraisal terms, you bring your iPhone to the store to have it diagnosed by a specialist. After the diagnostics, they call you a price at which your device can be purchased. Then you can immediately purchase a new iPhone of the latest model.


The cool thing is that very often the stores involved in the cost estimation also sell new Apple devices. So you have the opportunity to quickly upgrade and even transfer all your information from your old iPhone to the new one in the store. And there is no risk of being cheated, there is no need to wait for buyers – this is also a great advantage of such a service.


Find a site to sell Apple devices
Now many sites allow you to post your ad to sell anything. Various Apple products, that have already been in use, are also actively sold and bought on these sites. It is also possible to offer your device to companies directly involved in the sale of used Apple technology.


To sell the gadget as quickly as possible and more expensively, you need to pay attention to the selection of the site where the ad will be placed. The main criteria for selection: high attendance, the presence of thematic sections, the ability to add large photos, easy navigation.


Good attendance at the site indicates that the ads will see many potential buyers.


It is important to place the ad in the most appropriate section – this will help the visitor to quickly navigate and find the right thing. In this case, the seller's benefit is a shorter sales period.


It is important to be able to present the product on the site, that is, to accompany it with a detailed description and large photos from different angles. This approach helps the seller to get the maximum price for the product.


The right ad is the key to success
Making the ad, indicate all the features of the device, focusing on its strengths. The unconditional advantages include a complete package, the latest version of the firmware, and so on.


Photos should be of high quality from different angles. Clean the device with any soft cloth, put it on a plain surface, and take pictures from all sides in normal light. The better and more photos, the faster you can sell a device.


A detailed description of payment and delivery conditions will increase the level of trust. Write when you bought it, why you didn't like it, any nuances of use in general, everything you would talk about with the buyer at the meeting. The more details, the faster the sale will happen.


When everything is ready, all you have to do is register on the site, place your ad and take the calls.


A few more useful rules that the seller of Apple devices should know:

• After Apple introduces a new iPhone, the price of older models drops.
• Therefore, it is better to sell used devices before the presentation, if possible.
• Check the battery capacity of the device. If it is below 70%, it makes sense to replace the battery and sell your device at a higher price.
• Try to put together a complete package, including the box from your device.
• If you're selling through third-party sites, start by looking at offers from other sellers offering similar models. This will help you better understand what price to put.
• If possible, offer accessories for your iPhone. You may not need a case for an older model, but someone needs it.


It is quite possible to sell your Apple device quickly. The main thing is that your device was in good condition and worked properly. Although even iPhones with broken displays and low battery capacity are bought: who needs it for spare parts or just to save money and then replace the broken part at the service center. Therefore, there is a buyer for every used Apple device.

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