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Why Android?

--By On December 29, 2016


As consumers, we are bombarded with advertisements and information about new and competing products. Brand A offers convenience while brand B offers efficiency. Brand A brags a stylish appeal while brand B offers practicality. It’s easy to become flustered and overwhelmed when trying to make a purchasing decision. So how exactly do you choose?

When it comes to choosing a mobile device, the choice is personal. Do you want a compact, easy-to-use basic device that allows you to send and receive texts and calls, or do you require a mobile phone that lets you do everything you need to do with ease, such as book appointments, play games, write, send and receive email and take high-quality, magnificent photos?

Android Photo

We tend to lean towards the second option. We can’t picture living in a world where Android doesn’t exist. Where we would have to carry a mobile phone, a camera, a diary, a pen and notebook, a travel-sized game for entertainment and even a calculator around with us all day when we can do all that with one smart device.

Mobile phones today offer users the ability to do everything. Android users can enjoy endless apps including Greenify, which helps ensure your battery isn’t losing battery unnecessarily, Pocket, which helps you save your favorite web articles and pages to read at a later stage, and Snowball, where you can access and store all your social network apps in one easy-to-use app.

Reasons like these make it seem obvious to opt for an Android device, as thousands of people do. So when we hear about people who can’t make the switch, we’re a little confused as to why.

While most people in today’s day and age need a mobile phone that is so much more than simply a phone, there are a few who are satisfied using a simple phone without all the add ons.

According to this 2015 study, there are people who prefer using the good old flip phone as opposed to a high-tech mobile.

We can’t say that we’re shocked, but we can say that with Android, you can take your life with you, everywhere. No need to be in the office to do your work: send emails, write and scan documents with ease - all from the comfort of wherever you are.

Android mobile devices are so much more than a mobile phone. They’re a world of technology and opportunity - right at your fingertips. They’re compact, easy-to-use, technologically advanced and extremely popular devices on the market today (and for good reason!)

LG Phone

This convenience, paired with the high-tech, easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing components of Android devices are the reasons we’re dedicated fans of Android.


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