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Why Do You Need WordPress?

--By Takeshi Hoshino On March 12, 2018


WordPress is used by people all over the world. Whether it is a blog or a website, people have put their faith in it. But just creating a blog is not enough, as you need to know the small nitty-gritty’s in order to understand it better and get more people to get interested in it. You can also create an arcade, portfolio, shopping store or even a collection of videos with WordPress. There are so many articles present at 000webhost which can help you to understand WordPress in a better way. Basically, here are the major reasons why WordPress is the one for you:



• Installing And Managing Wordpress Is Very Easy

You don’t have to be a coder in order to set up your WordPress account. If you have an internet connection, then you can just sign up for a free account or pay a little amount of money to get your very own domain. Installing WordPress is very easy as there are several tutorials at which will help you to know all the steps thoroughly. WordPress comes with an update that is inbuilt. It will update you whenever your plugins or your themes need to get updated. You can access all of your themes and plug-ins easily from the dashboard that is present for the website admins.



• So Many Options When It Comes To Plug-Ins And Theme

The reason why WordPress managing is so easy dies to the different kinds of plug-ins that are available on this platform. You can protect your website easily by using the plug-ins that is available there. Some of the plugins are also responsible for increasing the loading speed of websites and blog. These plugins will also help you to stand out from your competitors and increase SEO. You can also customize your website by choosing from the innumerable themes that are available there. Not only will it help you to customize but it will also help you to present the information that is available on your website in a better state.



• Support Is Available

WordPress is that kind of software that can be easily altered or modified. You can know more about this matter on 000webhost. It will help you to know more about rescaling and adjust your website or blog on WordPress. You will get enough support from the community of WordPress, and it will help you and your website to grow.


• Friendly When It Comes To Search Engines

High- quality compliance code is used to create a platform like WordPress. It has the markup in the semantic form which helps your website to stand out from others. Along with your hosting service company, WordPress also helps you to build your own brand. Even if you are a beginner, there are several things you can learn about making your website more user-friendly at 000webhost.


• Supports Different Files When It Comes To Media

You can use WordPress not only for writing but you can also incorporate different kinds of media files on your website or blog. You can use videos, audio files, documents and other kinds of file. WordPress even can support embedded. This means that you can post an URL of any video on YouTube or a tweet and use it on your website. The visitors who comment on your website can also embed videos in their comments. This drastically helps to bring an improvement in the quality of your content and gain more visitors.


• Secure And Safe Platform

Security is one of the major factors why you should choose WordPress to create your blog or website. There are several kinds of software that are used to keep the information available on your website to stay secure. There are a lot of plugins as well that help you to keep your website safe, and you can know more about it in the tutorials available at 000webhost.


• Suitable For Mobiles

Most of these days, people use their mobile phones to look at different websites. There are several platforms where your website might look good on the PC, but when it comes to mobile phones, your website might not look that attractive to your visitors. But you won’t find this to be a problem if you start using WordPress. As you can see from the tutorials about using WordPress at 000webhost, you can customize your website or blog according to your wish by using the dashboard which is available at WordPress on your phone as well. It makes your life way easier and makes your website look good even on mobile phones.


• Open Source Present

You are free to make your own decisions at WordPress. Even if there are changes on your competitor’s website, it won’t affect yours. You can use this software according to your wish. You can even select the web hosting service Provider Company for your website. If you are clueless about it, you are free to check out tutorials on how to select the perfect web hosting company at 000webhost. You also need to pay a lot less compared to the other platforms where you can create your blog or website. WordPress, on the other hand, is a community-based company.


• Posting Is Easy

You can post easily and quickly by using WordPress. Content can easily be added to WordPress without any problems. There are several other platforms, but none of them is user-friendly like WordPress. You don’t need any knowledge about programming in order to post something on your website or your blog on WordPress. Even if you are scared, there are several ways you can learn by looking at the tutorials at 000webhost.


So what are you waiting for? People all over the globe like WordPress. You can now gain customers or visitors all over the globe if you become a WordPress user. Not only is it easy to use, but you will also find several tutorials and guides on how to troubleshoot different errors at WordPress. No other platform will give you comfort like WordPress.

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