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Why iPhone 6s Plus is the Best iPhone to Date

--By On October 26, 2015


iPhone 6s Plus, a flagship of iPhone series, has been unveiled for a month. Many Apple fans have been upgraded their old iPhone to the latest. You may be wondering or hesitating whether or not to make such a switch. Below are five reasons why iPhone 6s Plus is the best iPhone to date and why you should purchase an iPhone 6s Plus.

1. Battery Life

Battery Life

The old iPhone generation once failed to impress its users because of the short battery life. The iPhone 6s Plus, however, surprises its users with the exceptional battery life. During the battery life test we conducted, iPhone 6s Plus keeps the light on for 9 hours and 11 minutes, which is deemed a high enhancement compared to the former generation that lasts for only 5 hours and 22 minutes.

2. Apple A9 Chip

A9 Chip

iPhone 6s Plus is incorporated with A9, the most advanced chip ever in a smartphone. A9 delivers a new level of performance to iPhone 6s Plus. With A9 chip, the phone runs faster and behaves better than it did ever before. In addition, A9 chip is able to make games and apps much richer and more immersive.

3. 7000 Series Aluminum

7000 Series Aluminum

iPhone 6s Plus is covered with a strong build material, 7000 series aluminum. Aluminum cover is strong and solid enough to protect the phone from destroy. And it will probably still bend when enough force is applied to the phone by hand. But when it comes to accidental bending, no one has reported this problem so far.

4. 3D Touch

3D Touch

3D Touch, the pressure-sensitive displays on iPhone 6s Plus, is one of the main creative elements added to the new model. In addition to familiar multi‑touch gestures like tap, swipe, and pinch, 3D touch introduces Peek and Pop. This design makes the screen far intelligent to recognize the new gestures and you can interact with your phone via the new input system.

5. New Camera Sensors

New Camera Sensors

Last but not least, iPhone 6s Plus comes with 12MP camera. With this advanced pixel technology, you can shoot beautiful still photos. Besides, iPhone 6s Plus first introduces 4K video. You can record moments in resolution that is four times higher than HD videos. And you can shoot smooth, beautiful videos in lower light.

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