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Why the Storage of Some Android Phones Can't Be More Than 2GB

--By On February 7, 2014


Nowadays, almost everyone use smart phones and the configuration of these smart phones is developing in such a rapid speed. In this developing process, what impresses us most is that the screen of these phones are growing bigger and bigger. The resolution of these smart phones also improved, for example, Nokia has developed its resolution from QVGA to 1080P. This may offer us a better experience when we watching movies with our high definition smart phones. So, many Android users who show interest in watching movies, for example, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Arrow, and so on, may download and stored these movies or TV play on their Android Phones. However, they may not aware that most Android phones allows you to stores no more than 2GB files on it.

Why this happens? You may wonder why you are unable to store a high definition movie which is only 5 GB when you have 16 GB internal storage of your Android phones? But why we can store some files which are more than 4GB on our computer? Indeed, it is because the file system of your computer is enough. File system is a software organization which is in charge of managing and storing file information. File system consists of three parts: Software related to file management; files that are managed and data structure that is needed while performing file managements. From the system' point of view, file system organizes and assigns the storage space and then protect and search the system. To be more specifically, file system helps us do following things: build up files; save, read, revise and dump files; control access and undo the files while it is not needed.

File system that most of our Windows computers have are NTFS, FAT32, exFAT while Android systems have Ext2, Ext3, Ext4. If you use FAT32, you can't install a file which is more than 4GB, for Ext2, the file can't be more than 2GB. That's why you are not allowed to move the 5GB movie on your Android phone.

After Android 2.3, Google is aware of the shortcoming of Ext 2 so they adopt Ext 3 and Ext 4, which respectively supports files of 2 TB and 16 TB. So it is possible that we can store documents that are more than 2 GB or even 4GB into our Android phone. The resolution of our smart phones will develop rapidly and whether the capacity of file system may depend on these factors: the read and write speed of the storage; the decoding ability of the processor and the outputting ability of the videos.

So, we can only expect the resolution of our smart phones can develop more before long so that we can enjoy ourselves more while storing videos on our Android phones.


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