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[Fail Unlocking iPhone] How to Restore iCloud Backup

Latest Updated on May 26, 2015By Admin
In today’s information world, we have many different passwords to keep in mind every day. But sometimes we just forget some of them, like the unlock password of your iPhone. What to......
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How to Backup Photos to iCloud Photo Library

Latest Updated on May 25, 2015By Admin
If you are iOS 8.1 users, I believe that you’ve heard of iCloud Photo Library, though it can sync photos between iDevice and iCloud as Photo Stream does, they have apparent differen......
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How to Transfer Photos between iDevices with Photo Stream

Latest Updated on May 25, 2015By Admin
Photo Stream is an iCloud service of Apple Inc. which allows iOS users to store the most recent 1000 photos on the iCloud servers up to 30 days freely. When you upload a photo with Photo ......
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How to Sync Data between iPhone and iCloud on Web Page

Latest Updated on May 21, 2015By Admin
We all know that we can backup data between iPhone and iCloud wirelessly to protect our precious iPhone data from losing. But have you ever sync iPhone data with the web version of iCloud......
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How to do iCloud Backup

Latest Updated on May 20, 2015By Admin
As we know, iCloud helps a lot for us to manage iPhone/iPad/iPod data. Apple Inc. updates iOS a lot to give iDevice users a better using experience. Take iOS 8.3 for example, it attracted......
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How to Sync Music, Movies, E-books to iPhone/iPad with iTunes 12

Latest Updated on April 21, 2015By Admin
Some netizens have sent messages to us and said that our recent blog about comparison between syncing and backing up and tips on syncing photos are exactly useful. And today, we will shar......
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How to Sync Pictures from iTunes 12 to iPhone

Latest Updated on April 15, 2015By Admin
“52.3% of the iOS users are running iTunes, of which 90.5% are confused and dazed….” iTunes 12 is redesigned. But to some extend, the innovation trails it. A big chunk o......
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iTunes 11 V.S. iTunes 12: Does iTunes 12 Deliver Performance Improvement

Latest Updated on April 8, 2015By Admin
Have you upgrade iTunes 11 to iTunes 12 since the latest version release? iTunes 12 has been redesigned. Nevertheless, do you really know spotlights of the new version? Get a quick tour o......
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Three Tips for iTunes 12

Latest Updated on March 27, 2015By Admin
Boasts a clean and streamlined design. Supports family sharing. Redesigns info window….Yes, iTunes 12 has advanced and more new functions are integrated into it. Have you been makin......
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Why Can’t I Use my Old iPhone Accessories with my New iPhone

Latest Updated on March 20, 2015By Admin
What is a Lightning Charger? Apple announced the move to the Lightning charger alongside the release of the iPhone 5 after 9 years with the outdated 30-pin connection point as the brand’s......
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