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How to Downgrade iOS 9 Beta to iOS 8.4

Latest Updated on July 24, 2015By Admin
After iOS 9 Beta 4 comes out, many Apple fans upgrade their iPhone to iOS 9. But they soon regret that because there are still some bugs which brings some inconvenience to them. I believe......
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How to Download and Upgrade iOS 8 to iOS 9 Beta

Latest Updated on July 23, 2015By Admin
iOS 9 is now a heated topic discussed most among iOS fans. Some of these iOS users talk about the new features of the iOS 9. And I am sure you can’t wait to upgrade your iDevice to ......
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iOS 9 Features Preview – Release Date of the Latest iOS 9

Latest Updated on July 22, 2015By Admin
On WWDC 2015, Apple Inc. announced that the new iOS 9 will come to us this fall. Let’s have a quick look on the new amazing and excellent features of the coming iOS 9. And decide wh......
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Apple iPhone 6s: Features/Specs Rumored on New iOS Device

Latest Updated on July 21, 2015By Admin
After the release of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the WWDC 2015 held in San Francisco, another heated topic of Apple comes to the next-gen iPhones – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple fan......
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How to Make Space for More Data on iCloud

Latest Updated on June 15, 2015By Admin
We all know that iCloud helps us a lot on managing iOS data. But there’s still a storage limitation in iCloud, which only provides 5 GB. So, iCloud will be filled with the backup fi......
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A Newbie Guide of iCloud for iPhone/iPad users

Latest Updated on June 15, 2015By Admin
How to use iCloud has become a lesson that every iPhone/iPad user should take to better manage their data and make things easier. Here we will show you different tips & tricks on how ......
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How to Share iPhone Photos with Your Friend

Latest Updated on June 12, 2015By Admin
“My friend Jane and I spend a wonderful vocation in Rome together. We went everywhere, Colosseum, Arco di Costantino, and more.And of course, we took a lot of photos. But some of th......
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How to Find Lost iPhone Using iCloud

Latest Updated on June 10, 2015By Admin
When you can’t find your iPhone anywhere, you might hope that if only you could make a call to your iOS and ask it “Where are you?” and it would tell you it’s exac......
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How to Restore WhatsApp Data with iCloud

Latest Updated on June 9, 2015By Admin
Do you have a WhatsApp account? I believe that most of you have. Every day, we spend lots of our time chatting with our friends on WhatsApp. And it will be a pity to lose your chat histor......
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How to Restore Old Data to New iPhone with iCloud

Latest Updated on June 2, 2015By Admin
Apple Inc. releases at least one iPhone each year, so it is common if you see iOS users buying a new iPhone soon after the release. Purchasing a new iDevice is easy but the point here is ......
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