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How to Root without PC

--By On October 23, 2015


Dazzled by tons of root apps in the Play Store? Have encountered the situation in which you installed a root app but the app didn't work on your Android phone? Choosing a suitable and compatible root app is a key process before rooting your Android. However, it is not that easy to select a root app from thousands of products. Thankfully, QuillApps, the developer of the app Root Android without PC, has invented an app that helps you to choose the best solution to root your Android. Let's see how to find a suitable root app.

Step 1. Run the Root App
Download and install Root Android without PC on your Android phone. Then run the app. When in the home page, you will have four options. Tap "STEP 2", which will teach you how to choose a method to root according to your phone info.

Home Page

Step 2. Find a Way to Root Android
1) Choose "List of Compatible Device". You will have list of working device. Scroll down and see whether your phone is a compatible device or not. If yes, choose the brand name of your phone, Samsung Note for example. Then you will enter the next page that shows you what kind of app should be used to root your Device like KingRoot.

Compatible Devices

2) If your phone is not in the list of working models, go back to the page CHOOSE BETWEEN DEVICES and choose another option – "My Device is NOT in the Compatibility List". Then follow the instruction and find out a suitable way to root your Android.

Device Not Compatible

Root without PC will recommend different apps aim to the various phone brands. You should choose the one that is highly rated, for example, Kingo Root, King Root, and iRoot.

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