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How to Send Location to Viber Friends

--By On December 25, 2015


Just imagine that if your Viber friend asks for your location during the conversation, wouldn’t it be nice to show every details of your location by sending him/her the location link instantly on Viber. This location sharing option of Viber is a real time-saving feature that minimizes the hassles of users to open Google map, pin on it and then sharing the location separately. Then how to send locations to Viber friends exactly? Easy, here is what you need to do.

Note: You need to enable the Google map on your device and make sure that your device is connected to internet.

Step 1: Open Viber app on your device. Then select the contact of your choice and go to the conversation interface.

Step 2: Tap on the Plus button and select Send Location from the pop-up menu.

Send Location

Step 3: Viber will automatically search for your current location. Make sure that your location information is correct, then go to Send to share your location with your friend.

Location In Viber

Note: On the text compose field, there is a small arrow icon. You can enable/disable your location sharing service by taping on it. Once it is on, your location information will be added to every message you sent in the conversation.

- The arrow icon is purple: The location feature is activated

- The arrow icon is gray: The location feature is off.

Besides sharing location, users can also share other details such as contacts and other important files including photos, videos with Viber friends. Download Viber and have fun now!

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