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Viber for Android: Make Free Messages and Calls with Anyone

--By On December 10, 2015


Let’s face it. In this modern age everybody is looking forward to find free Android apps which can be used to make free phone calls & messages nationally as well as internationally by making use of Wi-Fi connection. You’re in luck. Today I’ll take you through a new communication app called Viber which allows you to make free voice calls and send free messages at all times of the day. Read on if you’d like to know more.

What is Viber?

Basically, Viber is an instant messaging app that is designed to offer a mix of social, voice and text functions in one neat package. It is such a feature-loaded app that supports all leading mobile platforms. You can download it to any device such as Android phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets and even PCs freely and easily. It allows you to send text messages or make voice calls over the internet using the device data plan or a Wi-Fi connection. Most importantly, it will only work between devices with Viber installed.

Viber offers a lot of great features and performance:

Text Me! Free Texting & Call

Vibers can help you send messages quickly and easily with interesting sticker, voice messages or videos for free if you have the application installed. By using sticker and emoji, you can show your feelings clearly and humorously. Besides, all Viber users get to enjoy free and high quality voice call, at any time of the day. You can take as much as you want and it is free!

Text Messages On Viber

Enjoy Your Social Network

You can share precious moments with friends and family using pictures, videos, and location info. Another important point of this application is that it allows you to make video calls with easy step and simple interface. For those who live far away from their friends or family, this app is a perfect yet affordable option to meet other face to face.

Send Photo Via Viber

Share Real-time Location

Viber has a useful feature called location sharing. It helps people in the conversations keep track of your location each time you send them a message. You can send them your location only if you like.

Share Any of Your Contacts through Viber Conversations!

Viber syncs with your contacts automatically and detect which ones already have Viber. It is easy for you to add friends and share a contact on Viber. But this share contact features is only available on Android devices running Viber 5.5 and later.

Share Contacts

Public Chat – Share Your Thought with the Entire World!

A Public Chat allows you to follow the conversations that you find interesting or connect with the people you love and admire. You can create your own Public Chat if you wish by inviting your friends on Viber to follow it. All your ideas and thoughts will be shared by anyone who chooses to view or follow the chat.

Public Chat

Hey, if you’re looking for a new way to chat and make free calls, Viber for Android might be one you need. Now download this app to have a try, and call and text messages as much as your heart desires!

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