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7 Streaming Apps for Documentary Lovers

--By Admin On May 7, 2023


Documentaries have become one of the main ways we educate ourselves on worldly issues in the modern-day. However, many streaming platforms have pathetically small catalogs when it comes to quality documentary programming. Thankfully, there are also many fantastic, revolutionary streaming apps and services that have made it easier than ever to find documentaries that will simultaneously entertain and educate you. If you’ve been looking for fresh subjects to learn about,you can scan a QR code to get more about them. Here are seven streaming apps that are ideal for documentary lovers:

1. Discovery+

Discovery+ has one of the largest catalogs of education-centric content, period. The sheer amount of variety in their documentaries has made them a staple for educators, parents, and curious adult subscribers. If you love animals, politics, sports, nature, and more, then you’ll find a ton to love on Discovery+. Especially if you’re raising a family who loves documentaries, Discovery+ is the best place to seek out family-friendly docu-series, documentaries, and reality shows. It would take many, many years to watch your way through the insanely variety-filled Discovery+ catalog, so any documentary lover deserves to buy themselves a subscription to this quality doc-focused streaming app.

2. HBO Max

While HBO is best known for its original TV shows, doc-fans will know that it’s also one of the premier sources for cutting-edge documentaries. Documentaries on pop culture, politics, crime, and other more adult topics are commonplace on HBO Max, and new films and doc-series are being added to the platform every single month. The documentaries in HBO’s catalog span back more than three decades, and countless Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning documentaries are contained among their ranks. For doc fans who want the best of the best, overlooking HBO Max is a full-on crime.

3. Kodi

Kodi is one of the most revolutionary ways to enjoy streaming. Not only is it packed with great content (documentaries included), but Kodi offers a convenient way to host all of your apps, digital files, and much more in a single location. For those who also love to listen to educational podcasts and audio documentaries, Kodi allows you to do so in the same location where you’re watching traditional documentaries. The affordable, inventive and unique nature of Kodi will satisfy the educationally-yearning minds of documentary fans with ease.

4. Nebula & Curiosity Stream

One of the newest options on this list, the hybrid doc and learning services that Nebula and Curiosity Stream offer are proving revolutionary amongst learning-focused entertainment lovers. Video essays, blogs, and instructional videos join more traditionally made documentaries to ensure the two platforms go beyond simply educating their viewers. The insanely low subscription prices that get you access to both Nebula and Curiostiry Stream make them that much more attractive for doc-loving audiences, so make sure to avoid sleeping on this new phenomenon in educational entertainment! If you need an educational alternative to those pesky, addicting phone games, Nebula and Curiosity Stream are a perfect antidote.

5. Smithsonian Channel

Smithsonian has long been a massive name in classy, education-focused manners. In addition to the many magazines, books, museums, and products they’ve created to keep the public educated, they have recently launched their premier streaming service: The Smithsonian Channel. Not only is the Smithsonian Channel packed with quality documentaries, but the way they are structured and presented puts a larger focus on entertainment over education. For teachers looking for a great service, and curious minds who want to expand their knowledge base, the Smithsonian Channel is a fantastic choice.

6. Docurama

Docurama is one of the lesser-known documentary-focused streaming services on this list but is also one of the most exciting. If you want to watch documentaries on more niche subjects, Docurama has got you covered. There are endless hours of unique, quirky, and memorable entertainment to enjoy on Docurama, so if you’ve been looking to educate yourself on something a bit more wild and weird, downloading the app is one of the best entertainment decisions you can make this year.

7. The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel has been the king of arthouse, classic and foreign films since it launched several years ago. Thankfully, the classy content it offers also extends to some of the most important, culturally-cataclysmic documentaries of all time. If you want to watch documentaries that helped to define the medium, as well as aspects of world culture, The Criterion Channel has got you covered. Along with the documentaries on the platform, you’ll also get behind the scenes featurettes, extra features and other educational content focused on their massive catalog of films. If you’re both a film lover and a documentary lover, getting The Criterion Channel is a no-brainer.

Expand Your Mind

With these amazing services, expanding your mind with classy, education-focused entertainment is easier than it’s ever been before. Whether you're looking for something more casual, or hardcore courses on subjects that interest you, you can find the content you've been desiring on one of these seen platforms.

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