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How to Sync Viber Contacts to Android

--By Manager On December 16, 2015


What’s Viber? For me, I would say Viber is a free calling & messaging app that might be able to kill Skype. Texting, sending stickers, sharing images & videos and making free calls, you can do all of that once start using the Viber app. Now back to the topic, as previously mentioned, you can add Android contacts to Viber in multiple ways. But what about syncing Viber contacts to Android device? Is it available? My answer is yes. There is an option in Viber that would allow you to automatically sync Viber contacts to Android. Follow the steps here:

Step 1: Launch Viber on Android and go to More menu.

Go To Settings

Step 2: Tap on Settings > General , and you will get an interface as follow:

Go To General

Step 3: On the General menu, you will see the Sync contacts option. Enable this option and all Viber contacts will be added to your device’s contact automatically.

Sync Contacts

Follow the steps above should fix any sync issues you have. Have problems with any of these steps? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Bob Fletcher

    I am afraid this did not work for me. I have a contact who just does not show up on my Huawei P9 phone it dropped off but on my Samsung tablet shows as being online. I think I will have to reinstall but not happy about it.

  • Jamie Shaw

    These steps do nothing! The sync contacts has always been chosen and it won’t synch anyone.

  • Ram Chamling

    I’m afraid it doesn’t work for me either. I use iOS. On setting>General, it doesn’t give me those options. The options are manage contacts and restore Viber defaults; both of which doesn’t do anything.

    • Trina

      As for you case, please contact Viber official support for help. Thanks for your comprehension.

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