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Viber Saved Automatically Photos I Don't Want

--By On December 14, 2015


Viber is a fantastic app to have fun. Everybody who has Viber installed in his smartphone can do unlimited Wi-Fi audio/videos calling and text messages with stickers, pictures and locations to friends free of cost. But let’s get back to the topic, have you ever been troubled by the auto saved photos/videos in Viber? Whenever you send or receive a photo in the Viber app, they go into a Viber download file in Photo Gallery. It’s pretty annoying that it saves whatever photos, videos files shared through it, which might consume substantial space in the device memory.

However, it only happens whenever Auto saved option is enabled in Viber app. Here are the simple steps by which you can disallow photos, videos, and other media from saving in the device automatically. Follow the steps below to solve the problem if you’re totally unknown about it.

Step 1: Launch the latest Viber app on your device, and then tap on More tab at the bottom of the screen. After that, you will have several options to choose, go to Settings.

Settings Media

Step 2: In the Settings screen, you again will have several options, select Media.

More Settings

Step 3: Locate the toggle switch for Auto download photos and Auto download videos and flip the switch to the OFF position to disable the automatic saving for pictures and videos. After that, tap back on Settings and then use Viber as usual.

Disallow Auto-Photos Download

Note:Saving a large number of auto-downloaded photos on your phone will take up many storage space, which makes your phone become slow and sluggish over time. That's why many of us would like to turn off this auto-image downloading feature. But if you would like to save the photos without taking up much storage space on your device, here is another option. You can back up and share photos with Dropbox Carousel, which is an app that allows you store the photos wanted online by synchronizing them to the Dropbox account.

Bravo! You have done it. Now the images and videos will no longer be saved automatically in your photos gallery without your direct action. Share this great guide with your friends in case you find it useful.


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6 years ago

What if someone sent me video with that auto download option disabled on my phone, and later I would run Viber on my PC — so from where it would be downloaded to my PC? Would those files be requested from my friend's phone (a sender)? Or Viber has some server for sent files?
Thank you.

6 years ago
Reply to  Andriy6

The long-press the video and saved it to the default Gallery/Photo app.

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