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How to Connect Mouse/Keyboard to Android Device

Latest Updated on October 3, 2015By
Android game lovers love playing games on their Android phone and tablets with touch screen built in. And it is quite convenient to download games from Play Store. However, without a mous......
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How to Import Pictures from Digital Camera to Android

Latest Updated on October 2, 2015By
I have a Cannon digital camera. It does NOT have Bluetooth capability. It has a normal SD (not micro) memory card and a mini USB plug. I want to take my Galaxy Tab S tablet and my camera ......
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How to Transfer Data between Android via USB OTG

Latest Updated on October 1, 2015By
When it comes to Android data transfer, many will choose the commonly used way, Bluetooth, NFC, USB cable and PC for example. Nonetheless, when using these methods, connection issues alwa......
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How to Take Screenshot on Android via AirDroid Web

Latest Updated on August 24, 2015By
We all know that we can take screenshot on our Android phone/tablet with some shortcuts to save the current screen on your Android. But there are still other ways for you to take screensh......
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AirDroid Web: Don't Miss any important Messages/Calls When Working

Latest Updated on August 24, 2015By
"I was busy working in living room with my PC and left my Android charging in the bedroom. Because I was concentrated too much on my project, I didn't notice that there're messages sent f......
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AirDroid Web Helps to Find your Lost Android

Latest Updated on August 22, 2015By
I am sure that most of you have ever left your smartphone in restaurant, café because you place it on the table after answering the phone rather than kept them back into your pocket. Unli......
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AirDroid: Sync Photos/Videos/Music between Android and Computer

Latest Updated on August 20, 2015By
Have you ever faced this problem: You have photos, videos, music and other media files to transfer from Android to computer. But for whatever reason, your USB cable is not available. Does......
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AirDroid Web–Make your Android Life More Convenient

Latest Updated on August 19, 2015By
In our daily life, we have a lot of messages, contacts, photos, videos, and more, to cope with. I believe that you've missed important calls or you placed your phone on the table far away......
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What Do You Do When Your Phone Won’t Charge

Latest Updated on February 15, 2015By
your phone stops taking a charge (which is, unsurprisingly the most common complaint among numbers of Android phone owners), it may be time for a new battery. Actually, there are a number o......
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Is your Device on the Android 5.0 Lollipop Upgrade List?

Latest Updated on February 3, 2015By
’s next-generation mobile operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop, is roaming out and about with its visual overhaul and numerous under-the-hood improvements since it’s released. So if you ......
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