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How to Deal with Android Brush Failure Problem

Latest Updated on August 12, 2013By
Many Android smartphone users prefer to brush their Android phones by themselves. It’s more convenient and totally for free. In the previous passage, we have introduced how to brush Andro......
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How to Clean up and Release Android Memory

Latest Updated on August 6, 2013By
In the previous passage, we have talked about how to change the default install path of Android and move apps to SD card to save storage space. Though Android 2.2 has the function of Apps......
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CloudOn for Android

Latest Updated on June 28, 2013By
CloudOn finally comes to Android now. As having successfully brought Microsoft Office to iPad, CloudOn is available to all Android users to enjoy CloudOn's unorthodox delivery of Microso......
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AirDroid 2.0 Manage your Android on Web

Latest Updated on June 27, 2013By
As we all know, we can use iTunes or unofficial iFunBox to manage iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices on the computer. Now, more apps helping to manage Android are available in the market......
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How to Sync Contacts on Android with Gmail Account

Latest Updated on June 20, 2013By
Gmail account is popular among youngsters for its convenience and mass storage in keeping contacts. You can easily edit and group the contacts saved on Gmail account. However, the problem......
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How to Back up Android Phone Contacts with Gmail

Latest Updated on June 18, 2013By
It is no doubt that contacts are so important to everyone. Many people like to save contacts on their Android phones for convenience. However, losing contacts on Android phones has become......
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How to Brush Android Smartphone

Latest Updated on June 17, 2013By
As Android system is getting more and more popular among phone users, the update is becoming more frequent. If you don't want to upgrade your Android to the latest version from the offici......
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Get to Know OTA

Latest Updated on June 17, 2013By
OTA (Over-The-Air) is commonly known when using smartphone. Actually, OTA is commonly used to receive Short Messaging Service (SMS) to update system. For example, Android system producers......
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