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How to Record Meeting Video/Audio with Zoom

--By Admin On January 20, 2016


How many of you are using Web conferencing applications like Zoom to connect groups for interactive meetings? It’s really a great tool for video conference, group chats and business collaboration isn’t it? With the help of Zoom, we can visit everyone in person during the conference regardless of time, distance and budget constraints. However, if you think that’s all Zoom can do for you, it’s a huge mistake! One of the best practices that Zoom can do is to record video/audio calls. Here I would like to take a moment to point out how to use Zoom to capture audio, video, instant messages in a meeting and save it on Cloud.

To enable Cloud recording, the following pre-requisites are needed:
1. A Zoom Pro, Business or Education Plan
2. A Cloud Recording add-on subscription plan
3. Account Admin can enable/disable in Account Management
4. Zoom client version 3.5 or higher is required on PC, Mac, iOS and Android

How to enable Zoom Cloud Recording on Android
Step 1: Launch Zoom and start a Zoom meeting

Step 2: Tap the meeting screen and then the menu will pop up from the bottom. Select Participants.


Step 3: Now click on Record button at the bottom of the Participants menu. And it will start recording the meeting immediately.


Step 4: If you want to stop the recording, tap on the screen and press the Stop Recording button or end the meeting.

Stop Recording

How to View the Cloud Recording
You can log in to your account and view the recorded meetings in the My Recording page. If the meeting is under converting, you will see a “Process Recording…” message. Once the converting process is completed, you will be able to play, share, download or delete your cloud recording.

Local and Cloud Recording
There are two types of recording: local recording and cloud recording in Zoom. Local recordings are the recordings we’ve had all along and saved to your device while Cloud recordings are saved to the Zoom Cloud where they can be viewed, shared, and downloaded. If you are not the Education or Business Plan user, you can use the local recording feature to record Zoom meetings on Android devices. For saving storage space on mobile device, you can use tools like Phone Transfer or Android Transfer to move the recordings from Android to PC.

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Muhammad Sadiq
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