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Which to Choose: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Samsung Galaxy A8

--By On July 30, 2015


According to the report, Samsung is going to release two phone devices – the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the slimmest Samsung Galaxy A8 this year so as to win more market share. We've introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors and Galaxy A8 specs in the previous articles. You can have a look at the posts to and leave your comments. To cut to the chase, I'd like to compare the features between Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy A8 for you.


Design and Display

You can see that the screen size of Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy A8 are becoming larger and larger compare with the devices released years ago with the comparison tablet above. This indicated that more and more Samsung users prefer portable devices with larger screen so Samsung adapt to meet the preference of the majority. As a next-gen flagship Samsung, Galaxy Note 5 has a better display configuration to offer its users a better graphics.



According to the market research, more and more people love to take photos with their smartphone and post them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more social networking service. So, to follow the market orientation, Samsung has upgraded its camera to give you a better life.


As processor, camera, and more features become much more extraordinary, it will consume more battery and the standby time become shorter and shorter. And Samsung has a foresight of this and they enlarge the battery capacity to 3000mAh~ 4000mAh and prolong the standby time.

In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy A8 aim at different consumer group – Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for the users who has a higher expectation of the configuration while Samsung Galaxy A8 is for those who focus on the appearance and the price of the device. Which one do you prefer? Galaxy Note 5 or the Galaxy A8? The high-configuration one or the economical one? Please leave your comments below to share your opinion.


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