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Skype for Android: Chat and Call Anytime, Anywhere for Free

--By On February 1, 2016


As I finally have a chance to spend my weekend here in a small town from Australia, it feels real good to relax from the hustle and bustle of the busy life in the city. And I can’t wait any longer to share the wonderful experience I’ve had here to my friends, so I just pick up my Samsung Galaxy S6 and start up a video chat with them via Skype. And it goes without saying, I’ve shared more than hundreds of photos to my friends directly via Skype. But you might properly ask, what is Skype and why use it? In this post, I’ll show you every aspect you need to know about it.

Skype is amazing, especially for making free phone calls. Just as Hangouts, Viber, Zoom or other chatting apps alike, Skype supports instant text/video/voice messaging, sharing photos, location and sending files and more. It might not be the most shinning and perfect chatting program, but once you use Skype, there’s no going back. Let’s take a look at the main performances of Skype and getting familiar with it.

1. Sending Text/Video/Voice Message
Sending instant messages on Skype is free for Android phones. You can send text messages, video or voice messages. To start sending an instant message is quite easy. Just sign in to Skype, and go to Contacts or Recent section to select a contact. And then you can type your message in the text filed. When you finished, tap the Send button to send the message out! Besides, there are many features that you can have fun with including editing the messaging, adding emoticons to your instant messages, and using special formatting, etc. You can also record and send Videos messages too.

Send Video Message

2. Making a Video Call or an Audio Call
The video calling experience through Skype for Android is very good with high audio/video quality. It’s fully support calls over cellular or over Wi-Fi. There are two kinds of call that you can make using Skype: Skype-to-Skype calls and Skype-to-Phone calls. The former calls are free (but you may be charged if you are on a limited data plan), while the later one, Skype-to-Phone calls, are billed at a low rate which we will explain later.

Make Video Call

3. Participating in Group Instant Message or Group Calls
The group conversation feature allows you to invite friends to chat in a group. You can send instant text messages to up to 25 contacts in a group simultaneously. So far only the text messages are supported in the group chat. You cannot start up the video/audio call during the group chat.

Group Message

4. Sharing Photos, Files, Videos and Locations Online
With Skype for Android phones you can send photos, files, videos, location and mojis to your Skype contacts or to a group for free. You can also receive files and store them in your device. How to send them? Select a recent conversation or start a new one with the contact, and then tap in the icon in the text box including File, Photo, Take a new photo, Take a new video or Location. Select and Tap the file and it will be sent automatically.

Share Photos

5. Making Cheap International Calls with Low Rate
It’s not totally free to make Skype-to-Phone calls, but it charges at a low rate. And the price of a call varies depending on which country you are calling and whether you choose to pay as you go using Skype Credit, or buy a calling subscription.

Skype Credit VS Subscription

Skype Credit

If you want to see rate to all countries, click See all rates here. Just type country you want to call in the search box and you can check the all the pay as you go rates.

Skype Phone Call

See? Skype is easy to use and almost everyone seems to have it on their Android phone. If you want to make video/audio call or send instant message with you friends, then Skype provides the better experiences than other chatting apps.

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