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How to Backup Contacts on iPhone 5s

Latest Updated on June 11, 2014By Admin
To avoid our precious data especially the contacts from being deleted unintentionally, we’d better backup our iPhone 5s contacts regularly. Today, I will show you two different ways to ba......
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Influence of the Usage of Fingerprint Authentication

Latest Updated on September 30, 2013By Admin
After iPhone 5s launched, some of their customers blame them for the lack of creativity. Fingerprint authentication is generally believed to be the newest idea of the iPhone 5S. But, rece......
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How to Enter DFU Mode with a Broken Home Button

Latest Updated on September 23, 2013By Admin
Do you have trouble entering DFU mode with your iOS device due to the failure of Home key? Thus, you can’t jailbreak your iPhone or other iOS device as you want? Fortunately, thanks to th......
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How to Clear up Caches on iPhone 5

Latest Updated on August 5, 2013By Admin
Phone users are often annoyed by the caches stored on the devices as they occupy a large storage space. If you don’t clear them up, they cumulate as time passes that your iOS device......
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How to Disable Automatic iPhone backup in iTunes

Latest Updated on July 22, 2013By Admin
It is so important to back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes in case of data loss. Each time your Apple device is connected to the computer, iTunes will automatically sync wi......
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How to Set up iTunes Wi-Fi Sync

Latest Updated on July 15, 2013By Admin
Great news! You are allowed to set up iTunes Wi-Fi sync after the release of iOS 5. Yes, one of the wonderful new features iOS 5 has added is wireless sync, making sync your iPhone, iPad,......
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How to Change iPhone Backup Location

Latest Updated on July 9, 2013By Admin
As Apple device users know, iTunes backup files are stored on the system disk (usually C drive) by default. It is still not supported to change the default iTunes backup path for the mome......
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How to Update to iOS 6 Via iTunes

Latest Updated on June 17, 2013By Admin
The new version of iOS for Apple devices is available now. Many eager users are itching to upgrade their devices to experience the new great features and functions iOS 6 offers. There ar......
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How to Update to iOS 6 Over-the-Air (OTA)

Latest Updated on June 17, 2013By Admin
Recently, Apple announced a new version of iOS for Apple devices users. Are you ready to update your device to iOS 6 to feel about the great new features iOS 6 brings about? If you’......
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