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Why the Storage of Some Android Phones Can't Be More Than 2GB

Latest Updated on February 7, 2014By
Nowadays, almost everyone use smart phones and the configuration of these smart phones is developing in such a rapid speed. In this developing process, what impresses us most is that the ......
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The Cause and Solution of Overheated Battery on your Phone

Latest Updated on January 28, 2014By
When you play games, watch the movie or play the music on your phone, you will find that the battery of your phone is overheated. Overheated battery may damage the battery and even the ph......
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When will your Device get Android 4.4 KitKat update?

Latest Updated on January 24, 2014By
The Process of sharing Kitkat version is little slow because many of the android devices still covering behind to yet catch up to Android 4.3 Jellybean. Why KitKat? This version of andro......
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iPhone May Be Installed in Car in the Future

Latest Updated on January 6, 2014By
In July, the author of 9to5mac-Mark Gurman said that Apple map on iOS 7 will be more compatible and suitable to car. Moreover, according to the new system, Siri and music will be place in......
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HTC One Mini Has Been Upgraded to Android 4.3

Latest Updated on December 29, 2013By
Recently, HTC has release HTC One mini. Before releasing, some reports indicated that HTC One mini will adopt Android 4.2 operating system and HTC Sense 5.0 UI version. Nowadays, it is sa......
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FAQ of Installing Android Phone Driver

Latest Updated on December 22, 2013By
The possibility of failing to install Android phone driver is high, you can try these steps to know the exact problem. 1. Switch to USB-debugging mode Go to Setting- Application-Developin......
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Next flagship smartphone of Galaxy S series - Galaxy S5

Latest Updated on December 16, 2013By
Recently, it is said that Samsung Galaxy S5, which is the next generation of flagship smartphone of Galaxy S series, will be released in the first season next year. Some configurations of......
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iPhone 6 Concept with three-sided Display

Latest Updated on December 1, 2013By
Recently, Iskander Utebayev, a Kazakhstan designer, has presented a new iPhone 6 concept design, attracting a lot of iPhone users' attentions. He created what an iPhone 6 would like with ......
Mobile News Android App Updates with Server-side Search and More

Latest Updated on November 25, 2013By
For all Android app users, you will be excited and happy to hear the news. Microsoft had made a great update to its Android app with a bunch of new features. It is......
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How to Remove Bootstrap Recovery on Android

Latest Updated on November 18, 2013By
Some Android users may have installed Bootstrap Recovery to enter Recovery Mode to backup, reset or restore their devices. If rooted, you can even install custom ROMs, update system and d......
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