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3 Disastrous Mistakes to Avoid with Remote Working

Latest Updated on May 28, 2020By
The COVID-19 crisis has created a number of changes. One of the biggest trends that it has spurred is the transition towards remote working. Remote working was already on the rise. It inc......
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Redefining ‘cybersecurity training’

Latest Updated on May 28, 2020By
  Training an organisation’s staff on IT security protocols has been the business norm for years now. It remains true, however, that a large percentage of successful hacks perpetrat......
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Android Development Trends For 2020

Latest Updated on March 2, 2020By
utshell, there will be little changes in comparison with 2019. We predict that there will be few fundamentally new applications, and they will be mainly connected with AR/VR and smart serv......
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10 Reasons Why You Need VPN on Your Android Device

Latest Updated on January 15, 2020By
ual private network (VPN) is the Android smartphone Wi-Fi shield. A secure Android VPN like Surfshark can close the “side door” to your network and protect your identity, privacy, and fina......
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Next-Generation Smartphones - What Are They?

Latest Updated on December 26, 2019By
eneration smartphones, for a short period, have come a long way from the creation to the present. The evolution of TEC thought is simply shown for us. Now the smartphone is not only PDA (p......
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How a Developer Can Benefit from Docker Registry Management

Latest Updated on December 16, 2019By
u new to the field of software development and still learning the ropes of what it takes to bring your code to life? Without proper file system storage capabilities, the field of programmi......
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How to Restore a Bitcoin Wallet on an Android Smartphone

Latest Updated on December 9, 2019By
are many reasons to join the crypto revolution and adopt decentralised payments. The speed of transactions and cheaper payment costs are just two of the biggest. Yet, many people have not ......
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Why Everyone’s Making Dual App Options Available on Android

Latest Updated on December 1, 2019By
d is a much more open mobile operating system than its main competitor iOS. Android enables users to do and access more, but it has never been an entirely open system and has had some limi......
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Benefits of Hiring Online Writing Companies

Latest Updated on November 28, 2019By
ys, online writing companies are more active as compared to the previous few years. They are offering unlimited services to students, businesses, and in many other fields. In this article,......
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The Best Broadband Connections in the US: Types & Providers

Latest Updated on November 28, 2019By
ur ISP ticked you off for the last time? Have you been thinking about switching providers? Not quite sure where to start? Don't worry. We're here for you. Change is an unsettling process. ......
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